How to get your mojo back.

I’ve been in what I’m calling a ‘funk’. It’s been long-term. I can say it started back when I broke my ankle in February of 2013, continued on through the tough early days of parenting a new life and is finally breaking just now.

I have to add, though, that even though I wasn’t at the VERY top of my game I’ve always remained committed to providing the best help and resources I possibly can to my clients and customers, so much so that I’ve got a few comments since mentioning this funk that it went by completely unnoticed. I’m GLAD for that. I’m so glad I have a business that affords the ups and downs of life while still providing for me and my family. I’m so glad I was still able to be there for my clients even though I wasn’t feeling quite that motivated myself, it actually helps me, too, to do work like that.

I feel noticably BETTER than I have in a long time.

I’m motivated. I WANT to do daily, regular things like clean the house, cook, do the laundry (well maybe not but that’s normal), get dressed, leave the house. You know, things anyone in a totally balanced state of mind actually wants to do.

No matter how I got there, I lost my mojo.

I know it happens to many, especially those who work at home in isolation. Especially if you’re a very social person who needs that interaction with other humans to feel your energy raised like I do.

So… it was tough to get out of I’ll admit and it’s tough to recognize when you’re really in it. Plus, nobody wants to think or admit or feel like they might be depressed. Especially when you’ve got a young child and there could be really serious consequences of being too depressed. I don’t think I was anywhere near that point and I think a lot of what I was going through was normal parental adjustment but none the less I didn’t want to admit it to myself. I see it clearly now, looking back.

The first thing I had to do was get myself out of the funk long enough to realize it was a funk and not just a new way of life. It’s hard to explain but when you’re in it there’s this all-consuming feeling and you can’t really think about anything else, let alone feeling better.

As soon as I got a big gasp of breath I took it and quickly worked to get my mojo back!

While it’s only been a little bit I’ve been actively looking for ways to get my mojo back and I’ve come up with some good ones.

If you’re working at home and feeling this way I though you might like to read what I’ve done, what seems to be really helping me. I thought it might also help to know you’re not alone. If you’re also a new mom you might really relate, if not just substitute the baby-related stuff with ‘family’, ‘significant other’ or whatever else it is you are devoting a lot of time to while ignoring your own needs.

Here is my slew of random tips to MOJO back (I suggest doing as many of these as appeal to YOU):

1. Take a day -So I can pinpoint the exact DAY things started to turn around for me here. My fiance took our daughter to his moms for the day and I took that day to do the thing that was making me feel the most stressed. I also took a little time to get a shower and fix my hair. I made the absolute MOST of that time and it made a big, big difference. I could have let it just skirt by wasted and still be feeling funky, but I didn’t.

2. Clean – One of the things that have been bugging me the absolute most over the past while is the housework. I’ve never been one of those ‘house in show condition’ kinda people where anyone could drop by (even real estate agents) and the house is ready to go at a moments notice. I am, however, very comforted by a clean home. If my house builds up too much clutter or too many dishes in the kitchen I can’t stand it. Things were sliding in this arena and it was bugging me bad. Finally I said enough is enough and made sure that everyone in the house was on board with the super-clean kitchen. Now the counters are clear about 99% of the time and the dishes are never left for ‘later’. It’s really helping!

3. Do a bathroom makeover – So this seems random and it is. You can substitute bathroom for any room in your house, or any place really. Doing a makeover can be really relaxing and it doesn’t need to be nearly as complicated or expensive as you think. I popped into the dollar store to get a shower curtain liner for my main bathroom upstairs and ended up leaving with a bunch of stuff totally about $25. Well afterwards I had a redone bathroom and it felt awesome! It wasn’t the money that delayed me, I just didn’t know what to do with the bathroom or what to budget so it just never got done. A sense of accomplishment is much better than a project never completed! That goes for business, too.


4. Get social – Another thing I miss being at home is being social. I find that I love connecting with people and over the last couple of years between breaking my ankle and having a baby I’ve been getting out much less than I used to. The time has come to really change that. I’ve started by getting more active on social media, especially Facebook. I also joined a great business networking and training group that I know is friendly and very social – Lynn Terry’s Brainstorming Group. I’ve been part of a weekly Mastermind Group for a couple of months that I totally love, hosted by Kelly McCausey as part of an offer to her Solo Masterminds members. I will be actively looking for more ways to get social online and offline. It does me good!

5. Do your nails – So this is for the women only, mostly. I love having nice nails but I don’t love going to get them done at a salon (only ever done once). I also don’t love the regular nail polish that chips off after two days. So it’s been a long-time peeve of mine that I can’t have nicely done nails. Well that’s now a thing of the past because I discovered Sally Hansen’s Gel Nail Kit. I know this sounds like an infomercial but it’s totally true. I am LOVING having nicely done nails to look at while I do work on the keyboard. It’s a little uplifting to feel ‘done up’ even in the smallest way. I highly recommend the nail kit. I’m almost at two weeks right now (to test it) and my nail color is only now just getting little chips in it.


6. Take a bath – A relaxing candle, soothing music a la YouTube and a nice bath can work wonders for your ‘mojo’!

7. Admit you lost your way – I have been telling people I’ve been in a funk. I could of hid it and try to look all perfect marketer and business owner but that’s not me. Now I DID keep it to myself until I was coming out of it because I didn’t want to be a total downer. I think sharing it now as the funk is lifting and the mojo is coming back in a big way is just a great way to let you know I’m human like you, I’m real like you and I struggle like you. I have NEVER pretended to be anything more than I am and this time of my life has been by far the hardest emotionally but I made it. I keep saying to friends and family that sometimes I’m shocked I still make money because I barely had time to work while my little one was growing. The fact that I DID still make money just goes to show you the value I put out there in ways I didn’t realize and it goes to show you that even when you’re lost you can still help others find their way! I’ve had some comments that people didn’t notice I was in a funk while I was in it and that was my goal as I didn’t want my business to suffer. Now that I’m on my way out of it I only share so you can know I understand building a business while getting yourself together… it happens to more than you realize!

8. Choose to be happy – I had a client email me and suggest I be happy, that I choose to be happy. I totally agree with her. Happiness is a state of mine and so is the state of funk. I was choosing to have a hard time based on some situations beyond my ability to control. Now I’m choosing to respond differently. While those situations are easing up there will always be something else in life and I’ll be keeping in mind that happiness comes from within, always.






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