Why You Hate Selling & How to LOVE Selling

I can’t sell anything.
I’m terrible at selling stuff.
I don’t want to be pushy.
I love what I do but I hate selling.

If any of these sound familiar you will WANT to read this because I’m going to tell you how to turn this around, never say these things again and LOVE selling more than you ever thought possible.

Yes, I said LOVE selling!

I love selling.

I love marketing.

Does that make me greedy? Selfish? Pushy?

My answer is not at all, not one bit but why don’t you tell me. You’re reading this email and the words are still going yet you haven’t STOPPED reading. If you thought I was scammy, smarmy, pushy or trying to sell you something you didn’t need wouldn’t you have clicked away by now?

That’s what gets me when people reason away selling online by saying they don’t want to be pushy. Do you know how HARD it is to be pushy online? To actually sell someone something they don’t WANT to buy.

It’s not like you’re knocking on someone’s door, waking up their baby, getting their dog barking and also waking their sleeping husband who works nightshift and then trying to literally PUSH their way into their house (YES, this has happened to me and YES I consider those guys pushy, annoying, arseholes lol).

You… you’re not pushy by sending me emails or blog posts I asked for… and want… and can easily unsubscribe to or just not click on if I didn’t want to read.

You… you’re not pushy for bringing me valuable offers based on your own unique skills and talents and abilities.

You… you’re not pushy if you have other people telling THEIR people about your awesome products because they believe in them and because you do awesome things and help awesome people.

No you’re not pushy.

You’re awesome.

You sell things to people who want them.

People who love you.

People who want to hear from you.

People who want to buy what you’re selling.

THAT’S how you love selling!

You love selling by selling stuff people love.

You sell stuff people love by finding out what people love… then offering it.

You offer people stuff by using a shopping cart system, setting up a product and giving them a buy now link.

You get that buy now link out to more and more and more people by setting up an affiliate program so people who you’d NEVER know or REACH can hear about you, too.

(why do I feel like I’m writing the Marketer’s Version of If you give a mouse a cookie?)

Look… selling is not a bad word. Marketing is not sleezy.

None of it has to be anything but awesomely amazing.

It’s ALL about how you look at things and how you deliver, show up, be there.

Represent yourself and your products in all you have to offer. Be who you are and deliver on your promises. Create products people love. Partner with other SALES-LOVERS to get even more sales. It is 100% a very very good thing.





p.s. One of my favorite ways to sell is by using affiliate marketing. As an affiliate I can offer products to my people without having to go through a complicated product creation and launch process. Join me at Natural Affiliate Marketing and learn how to sell, naturally

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Lisa VinBC - January 28, 2017

Love, Love, LOVE this! And love the reference to Give a Mouse a Cookie – one of my favourite kiddie books! 😀

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