I Love This Business Planner!

It’s my third year in a row buying the Shining Business Planner from Leonie Dawson.

This year I decided to get the Shining LIFE planner, too, because as I always say in the Laptop Lifestyle business and life are all jumbled into one!


I love the planners because:

  • They are gorgeous! The love and care put into these planners is very obvious. Leonie is a millionaire business owner AND an artist. It’s like opening art every time you use it.
  • They are practical. The planners are created by someone who’s built a very large business and they are the real questions you need to answer to get to the next level.
  • They help you map out everything. It’s all included: financial, creative, family, what to do when everything sucks, bucket list goals, your dream day, self care and self love.
  • The workbooks are for your goals. They help you create a marketing plan, marketing goals, social media goals, customer goals, philanthropy goals. Goals, goals, goals!
  • The planners are for your weekly plans. Plus a yearly and monthly calendar overview, inspirational quotes, monthly and weekly income goals, weekly biz & life to do lists and more.
  • Nothing is left out!

These planners are not for someone looking for the “easy” way out. They are going to take work and a set-aside effort to complete! I fill out as much as I can and I don’t worry if I do it all perfect, that’s not the point. The point is to plan and create an amazing 2017!

Here’s a peek inside the workbooks:

Every year I’ve bought the PRINTED version because I am investing in the goal planning and setting of my business which I consider extremely important to my business success. Plus they are so huge I’m pretty sure printing them all would cost as much or MORE as having them shipping and then they would be so nicely bound and printed so beautiful and colorful as they are when they arrive on my doorstep!

Here’s a quick peek inside the planner:

December is the month for planning and all month long I’ll be doing planning webinars starting with the FREE Digital Vision Board Workshop.

It’s the time of year when it’s really important to set your intentions for the new year and PLAN what you intend to do. I used to be a proud “fly by the seat of my pants-er” but I know that making plans allows me to be so much more effect and reach higher goals than possible if I just make things up on the fly.

That’s why I’ll be intensely setting my goals all month and working through the workbooks and using the planner. When the planners arrived I was so excited I decided to do an unboxing video… it’s kinda long but if you want to see everything that was included along with my commentary here’s the unboxing of my Shining Business & Life Planners:

If you decide to buy up these planners do let me know and come share your pics in my (free) BADASS Boss Moms group! We’d love to hear what you come up, how you get inspired and what amazing things you’re planning for 2017…

Talk soon,


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