I told her to shut up.

There’s this girl, she’s really mean.

She judges me.
She scrutinizes my every move.
She tells me my products aren’t good enough.
She tells me I can’t charge THAT much.
She tells me I’m not in league with THOSE marketers.
She tells me people leave my list because I suck.

That girl is me.


Well really, she’s that voice in my head.

The voice of doubt.
The voice of fear.
The voice of worry.

Well she doesn’t stay long AT ALL these days because I tell her to shut the hell up!

I tell her to shut up… and I do that webinar.
I tell her to shut up… and I write that blog post ūüėČ
I tell her to shut up… and I launch that new thing.
I tell her to shut up… and I take that interview with that high profile marketer.
I tell her to shut up… and I walk on stage.

I could go on and on.

These days me and that girl in my head have a nice thing going. She gives me very quiet, non intrusive comments on a very infrequent basis and I do awesome things regardless of what she says.

She didn’t get quiet overnight.

It took practice.

It took amazing coaches who told me I was being ridiculous.
It took taking those first steps to put stuff out there.
It took clients telling me I’ve had a part in them changing¬†their life (LOVES).
It took working on me, consistently, persistently, until I was in LOVE with me.

I don’t know what you think about me and my confidence but I want to assure you that you and I are probably so much more alike than you realize. I have struggled to put my stuff out there. Matter of fact there were a couple of years I was so¬†paralyzed with fear over doing anything that I pretty much just read forum posts of how great other people were building awesome businesses, wishing it were me.

Then one day I had enough.

I knew I could make it happen for me.
I knew I had to go and get it.
I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight, but it was going to be WORTH IT.

None of that could have happened if I didn’t believe in myself. If, even for all the shouting that mean girl was doing, I didn’t have that shimmer of confidence deep down that was pulling me past all the negative thoughts I had.

I dug deep, created more confidence and I built a lifestyle that makes me SO proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. AND it makes me just want to do so much more, help so many more people and to tell ALL the mean girls (and boys) to shut the hell up!

That’s why I think The Confidence Challenge may be one of the most important programs I’ve ever offered.

It’s nothing techy like the WordPress Website Bootcamp I offer.

No, no techy here. Matter of fact many of the challenge items we’ll do starting on Monday might even seem completely unrelated to business at all.

But they are SO VERY related.

If you’re not in an atmosphere to thrive, that mean girl loves it.
If you’re not feeling confident in your own skin, that mean girl thinks that’s awesome.
If you’re not treating your body like the gift it is, that mean girl laughs like she knew you couldn’t do it.

You know you need to shut her up. You know she’s mean. Stop letting her treat you that way, right now!

I’d love for you to join us for The Confidence Challenge but even if you don’t please remember this message, take it to heart and know you have complete control over what you say to yourself. You’d never stand for anyone else talking to you that way, you’d shut them down almost immediately… so don’t let yourself do the same.

We will start with The Confidence Challenge Monday, September 12th.

We will focus on Confidence in our weekly webinar meetings.It runs to the end of the month (with a prize for one lucky confidence builder)!

  • We will participate in The Confidence Challenge to boost our confidence and even maybe WIN a prize.
  • We will meet on a Facebook Event to talk about each day’s challenge and check in when completed!
  • We will practice Confidence with our training guide, 21 tips list, worksheet and checklist.
  • We will learn Confidence in our live training webinar.

Are you ready to be more confident, attract more clients and be a magnet for more good in your life?! It works! Join us at the club here: Laptop Lifestyle Business Club

Non members can buy The Confidence Challenge for $47 here (includes Confidence training guide, 21 tips list, worksheet, facebook event participation, checklist and webinar recording).

Here’s a quick confidence tip: MUSIC! Listen to music that inspires you, lifts you up and gives you a positive message of confidence. My current favorite for this is this one:




p.s. This post was 100% inspired by the fabulous Nicole Dean of Nicole on the Net and in the Awesomization Challenge I’m taking part in this month!

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