Day 1 Internet Marketing Journal: MonDAY of Productivity

I’d love to tell you I’ve got my life all together and my family runs like a well-oiled machine. I’d like to say I’m super organized and get up at the crack of dawn to get some extremely productive work in…

But I can’t. It’s hectic. It’s messy. There’s crying (toddler). There’s attitude (teen). There’s confusion (me). There’s life.

In between it all I work on my business. It might be a brief 15 minutes here or a 30 minute kids show there when I have the chance to squeeze in something. I might flit around on my phone checking facebook for far too long. It is what it is! Overall I work about 1-4 hours on any given day, then maybe 5 hours on a daycare day. Part time hours for a full-time living. I can’t complain!

I’d love to say this journal is all for you, too, but I must admit there are some selfish reasons I’m posting what I’m doing for the next seven days. I’m keeping accountable so I get more done AND I’m having a real, critical look at what I’m doing to see how I can improve it.

With all that said today was PRODUCTIVE!

I’m sure the fact that I knew you’d be watching had something to do with it. Also I’m sure that since I had two pretty solid deadlines to meet also helped. I wanted to get an email out to promote my Website Design Mojo course today because it starts next week. I also wanted to get my giveaway gift entered for the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway before the deadline came and went and I missed out (that would suck). So those two things are… DONE.

I started off the day by getting on the computer to phone the Vet and take my dog in (needed the computer to look at my Google Calendar). I got a ping from a Protege Program client through Skype and we had some quick back and forth.

Work didn’t REALLY start until I got the toddler girl down for a nap. Once that was done I opened up WordPress and started working on a sales page for my umpteenth run of my flagship WordPress training program, Website Design Mojo

I had my email open, too, and admittedly got distracted by Lynn Terry’s Elite club email. This, however, was an email reply from Lynn Terry herself about my business goals for January so I often read those immediately. I’m SO IMPRESSED with this membership that I pay only $37/month for. Lynn is such a mentor and great example. I aspire to be like her through my own membership, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.


While working on my WordPress sales page I opened up Facebook to ask members of my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club Facebook group for examples of websites they created that I can add to my sales page. Admittedly I did get distracted by a few other posts along the way. Not to long though as I was working to get a full start to finish done before the toddler girl wakes up.


I got a response from a client that I could add her site to the sales page!


While editing the sales  page I took the client examples and used eCover Authority to put them into laptop screens to make a nice ecover.


I went looking through my Aweber email archives for examples of what I sent last time I promoted Website Design Mojo and four a full webinar preview page ready to go! Score! (forgot about it). So I did some quick updates and grabbed the link to send to my list.


Shot off an email to my list… quickly as I was running out of time. Now I’m posting here on Facebook and will take a screenshot of this, lol. Then I’ve gotta go wake the girly up quick and head off to the Vets. Busy, busy!


Picture of me writing in my Facebook journal while I write in my Facebook journal… trippy! But I need to document it to post on the blog.

This is a way to make double-work of the same content. Here on Facebook and later I’ll move this into one blog post.


In between dinner and playtime I got a message from another one of my Protege clients about the Self Improvement Giveaway event she’s signed up to participate in. This event starts on Thursday and I let people know with very short notice because I had little notice myself (I missed the early notices as I wasn’t on the email list).

Anyway, my client wanted to know how to go ahead and set up an opt-in form. I told her she could do that quick and easy on Aweber and have Aweber host the form – that way there’s no need for a website at all! (hint … this is an easy way to build your list even BEFORE you have a website).

So I asked my client, I’ll call her E, if she had an eCover. She said no so I told her I’d whip one of those up for her, too, to add to the form.

I whipped up a great-looking eCover for E using an image from I took the image, then uploaded it to PicMonkey to create a quick cover image, then I uploaded that into eCover Authority (second time using this program today) to eCoverify it!

NOTE: Creating the image in PicMonkey first, large size, allows you to then pop the image file into your product or report. That creates a nice consistency across your delivery = trust and happy customers!


After the kids were in bed and for the rest of the evening I worked on setting up THREE giveaways for the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway.

I realized afterwards that I could have just done three giveaways for the same product but I’m going to watch these and see which does best. It will give me a good idea of what to put in future giveaways, too.


Now it’s 12:58 am and I’m wrapping up this blog post. Phew! Busy! I gotta love the sense of achievement of accomplishing so much in one day, though, it kinda rocks.

I’ll be back tomorrow with probably not QUITE as productive a day. I’ll try to keep it up of course but a day like today just doesn’t happen every day. Plus on Thursday my parents are back from the middle east so I’m sure I’ll be taking either Thursday of Friday to go for a visit! In the meantime I’ll do my absolute best to make these daily journals worth your while. I hope you learn something from them 😉


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