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This morning I didn’t wake up and check Facebook like I do almost every other morning.

I didn’t because I deleted the app off the home page of my phone and decided I am ONLY going to check social media and email on scheduled times.

This came as a result of getting started going through this training:

<< That’s Productimity by Jimmy D. Brown. I snapped it up for a little bitty $7 payment and I’m USING it to create a more productive business for myself.

Jimmy knows how to be a productive business owner.

I’ve learned a lot from Jimmy over the years, especially when I was a member of his List & Traffic membership back in the day. I was pretty new to successfully marketing my business through email and the training I got from Jimmy make a huge difference.

What I especially LOVE is his down to earth sharing of stories and examples of real situations. It makes the content easy to read, remember AND take action on because it doesn’t feel overwhelming, at all.

And this training COULD feel overwhelming, seeing it’s over 150 pages!

But… I printed off about 25 pages of Issue One last night, got to reading and immediately came up with this brainwave of an idea.

Before I share the idea, let me tell you what made me think of it:

Jimmy was sharing three things in the training that he does to beat “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

The first thing is: 1) SET aside time for distractions. 

So, yeah, Facebook… and emails. They distract me.
Honestly, they can totally DERAIL me.
They can create anger (political posts, anyone?).
They can create confusion (umm… what WAS I working on again?).
They can cause me to lose HOURS of precious time I do not have to waste.

Oh… you too?

So when I read that I should set aside time for distractions I immediately decided to do it.

I deleted my Facebook App from my phone.
I moved my Email App from its main position and placed “Google Keep” for to-do lists instead.
I made a commitment to myself to ONLY check Facebook and Email at scheduled times (which will be about 2-3 times per day for me and my business).

Then as I kept reading I got to a part where Jimmy wrote: “Try it for 30 days and see what happens.”

And I thought… “I will!”.
And then I thought… “and my peeps should, too!”

So the 30-Day Distraction Challenge was born.

Here’s how to sign up. It’s totally FREE.

  1. Get on the email notices list here. I’ll post a daily “remove distractions” post and send it out via email as well as on Facebook. No matter when you’re joining it’s a good idea to get on the email list because then you’ll get the posts to work through day by day and you can come comment to say how you’re doing.
  2. Join the Facebook Group Here. I can’t wait to meet you and share our distraction-free tips together!

Now I DO realize the IRONY of committing to getting focused on possibly one of the most DISTRACTING websites on the planet. I think that actually makes it more awesome because if you can remove distractions while on Facebook, you can remove them anywhere.

As I said this challenge is completely free but I do highly, highly recommend you snap up this Productimity training from Jimmy. The first SEVEN pages have gotten me so freaking pumped that I’ve created a new challenge and facebook group. that’s saying something, right?

I’ll be referring to the Productimity training a lot while we do the challenge and I’ll be encouraging you to consume it like I am; printing it out one issue at a time, taking one lesson per day, making it all up as you read and taking action as you go! That’s the way to get your money’s worth (even if it’s ONLY $7) out of this training, fast.

So, in summary here’s what I’d suggest you do to get the absolute most out of this challenge:

  1. Buy Productimity (highly recommended but you don’t HAVE to in order to join the challenge).
  2. Join my challenge email list here: Join The Challenge
  3. Join the facebook group.
  4. Spend 30-Days focused on removing ALL distractions from business and life.
  5. Celebrate a better business and life!

Hope to see you in the facebook group 😉


30 Days of Focus


Daily Tips to keep you from the all-too-common distractions that STOP YOU from doing your best work.

Sign up now and see you in the challenge group!

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