A Tour of My Office… in a bag ;)

Here’s something fun…  I can fit my business into this bag:


That’s right. Practically everything I need to build my business and earn my full-time income from part-time hours fits into this regular sized purse.

So I’ve been talking for a little while about seeing just how compact I can get my business. I lost my office back in late 2013 when we converted that to the baby’s room and so I now work from the kitchen table, coffee shop or library. I love the flexibility of being able to pick up my laptop and work from anywhere. However, I wanted to work even “lighter”.

I have this Lenovo tablet my love bought me for Christmas 2014:

lenovo tablet

Since I already had the tablet and wasn’t really using it as much as I should, I had the idea to get a keyboard for it and see just how small and compact I could make my office. Was it possible to really run my business from a purse? I was totally game to try!

So this year past Christmas Matt bought me a keyboard to go with the tablet. It’s a Rapoo Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard like the one here.

Here’s the result:


(I bought a case that stands the tablet up after that day as I didn’t want a FLAT office, lol)

This is what I call the Laptop Lifestyle…or should it be called the Tablet Lifestyle (ha)? I can actually earn a large part of my living from the tools you see here, coffee is essential of course. From the tablet I can update my shopping cart, send emails of course, update my website/blog, check how much cash I’ve got in PayPal, use social media and more. A couple of things I can’t really do are run my webinars as I need a good microphone and record training videos.

It literally took me about 30 seconds to close down shop and get those into my purse.

The pic above was taken at my local coffee shop where I spent a couple of hours working and testing out my tiny office theory. Since the large majority of what I do online is web-based, it was more than realistic to say that I can run most all of my business from this small office. While I wouldn’t want to lose the laptop completely, on days I work out of the home this quick office is a really nice way to go.


The purse, by the way, I bought specifically for housing my tiny office. It’s from JustFab and it’s called “James”. JustFab is a really cool site that I found when looking for those boots you see in the pic. I have size 11 feet and have a hell of a time finding anything nice that fits me!

What I love about JustFab is the price, really, and the ease of shopping and finding my size. To get the best price you need to be a VIP member and they bill you monthly but you can always just get the deal and cancel, or skip a month if you want to. Anyway I actually FORGOT to skip a month and had this credit on my account. I used that credit to buy my purse. I measured out my keyboard to make sure it would fit and ordered that baby. I just love it! It’s cute, roomy and I love that it has the long strap so I can carry it over my shoulder if I want (though I actually enjoy throwing the hand straps over my arms and carrying it that way).


p.s. If you’re interested in running a business from home free of constraints on where you have to work or even what you do check out my club for people who want to live the Laptop Lifestyle. We’re a fun group of people working our way through life on our terms!

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