Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip: Learn & Earn

20160528_131637-1-1I’ve got to share this with you, lol!

We held a garage sale to mostly get rid of some baby stuff we no longer need. We also had lamps and my daughter put the lampshade on her head and started dancing around giggling.

This pic still cracks me up!

Kids have such a GREAT ability to experience life by doing instead of sitting back waiting for instructions. She just picked up the lampshade, threw it on her head and went with no regard for anything except how much fun she was having!

Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip: Learn & Earn

One of the things I have done throughout my entire years online is to just JUMP IN and do stuff. I LOVE learning and I’m most certainly a lifelong learner. I will never believe I’m done learning or that I know everything.

However one thing I KNOW is a big old waste of money is learning, learning, learning and never applying.

Some people get very stuck in the learning stages. So stuck that they keep saying they have to learn this thing or that thing before they can really start their business. They need this certification or that training program or get a certain level of experience before they will be “ready” to move forward.

This isn’t true! If you’re saying these things you’re totally blocking yourself from the amazing experience and opportunity to Learn AND Earn. I tell people all the time to Learn While You Earn, it’s just smart!

There are so many ways to do so.

Need a website? Throw up ONE PAGE and send people to it. Make money from that one page and then figure out the rest later! Don’t take a year building out the most gorgeous site imaginable and spending a fortune in time and money figuring out how to do it. Just get it out there and earn. Imagine how much further ahead you’ll be doing it that way!

Want to offer a new service? Find someone who’d LOVE a deal while you work for them to learn that new service. You’ll earn money and get experience instead of no money and no experience if you just “study” it instead.

Need to build an email list so you can make sales? OK – get a few people on that list, sign up for some email marketing training and then make offers! Learn and earn!

To your success,

Angela Wills, Founder


p.s. Stop waiting to learn enough. You know enough I’m positive of it! You just need to use what’s right in front of you and get an offer in front of people. I know how to do that. Join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club 



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