It Only Took 40 Years to Learn This.

So I’m 40.  I don’t know why I really don’t mind sharing that.

That’s me in the pic above at the windy pumpkin patch a few days ago.

I thought by 40 I’d be hiding and running away when people wanted to know my age. But now, life is so different. I am working to be my healthiest ever in my 40’s and that is absolutely what’s going to happen.

Up until now I had no real idea how nutrition worked. Seriously. I’m kind of blown away by that because I’m a pretty smart person. I have been struggling with my weight since 13 years old but it wasn’t until about this time last year that I really decided to make a complete commitment to becoming fit and healthy.

Now I’m committed to DAILY activity. Do I do it every day or am I perfect at it? No, of course not but I AM committed to this as a lifelong activity.

Now I’m committed to eating well. That means I’m juicing (and I even juiced so much I broke my juicer) and eating lots of fruits and veggies.

Now I’m committed to tracking my nutrition. Do you know what Macros are? I didn’t, not until VERY recently. Apparently we really actually need Fats, Carbs and Protein (lots and lots of protein) in our diet. Go figure!

I’m not doing this alone!

You’ve probably heard me mention the bootcamp I’ve been going to recently. If you’re not sure what a bootcamp is it’s this really cool way to workout! The place I go to has half-hour classes by incredible trainers. But that’s not it. The owner, Misty is a nutritionist and she meets with her members to figure out the absolute best plan for them. Then there’s another nutritionist who meets with us to go over our meal plan. It’s just awesome to have this kind of support!

I share this because…

I was set in my ways.

It took me 40 years to even know there was a DIFFERENT way.

I see this journey I’m on with fitness AND the journey to work at home as soooo similar.

And what I’ve discovered most is that it’s related to MINDSET.

Sure it’s not that hard to lose weight. But it is hard.

Sure it’s not that hard to make money. But it is hard.

I mean it’s hard because we make it hard.

“Get out of your own way!” You’ve heard that before, right?

I have.

I wish it were that easy.

If I could get out of my way just because someone told me to by tomorrow I’d be:

  • Awesome at managing my money.
  • Fit as a fiddle (haha love that I could fit that in).
  • A multi-six-figure earner.

But I’m none of those things… yet.

But I WILL be all of those things or I will die trying.

That’s how committed I am to the self improvement process.

And it IS a process.

It isn’t one thing.

It isn’t one easy thing.

It isn’t one hard thing.

It isn’t ten things.

It’s a total commitment.

It’s working on my confidence.
It’s working on my knowledge.
It’s working on my relationships.
It’s working on my happiness.

And that’s why I committed to a full 18 months at the bootcamp, and was happy to do it!
It’s why I have committed to working with a great coaching for as long as I need to, paying a nice amount monthly.
It’s why I have committed to two membership/mentoring groups run by people I admire.

When you’re committed you’re willing to pay because you believe in the value of yourself and the help of others.

That’s why I’m 100% confident in the membership I’ve created. I know it’s not cheap. It used to be cheap, I’ll admit. Then I realized I was so far undervaluing what I had to offer I was doing a complete disservice to my people. I want to be a leader, an example and a confident, positive influence in your online business journey. I’m so proud of what I’ve created so far and only looking forward to where we can go from here.

It takes a determination, a commitment and long-term support from a group you trust.

I want the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club to be that place for you! Only you can decide that, though, so check it out and let me know if you have any questions about our little piece of the net where we’re growing our incredible freedom-based lifestyles all of our own.

Talk soon and have an awesome day!

♥ Angela Wills,

p.s. Remember my offer for Powerful Coaching Programs? My club members get that free. Cool, right?

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