Let yourself want that thing.

Buying a new home was the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

And I didn’t think I could do it…

Up until then I was a single mom living in the basement apartment at my parent’s house running a small business.

My parents said they were going to be selling their house and they’d give me three years to figure out what to do. “Three years?!” I said “Give me one.”

So they did. And suddenly my boyfriend and I were living in our own home!

Ok… so it didn’t REALLY happen in and instant, but it sure feels like it looking back.

I didn’t think I could buy a house. We didn’t have the downpayment. I’d been notoriously BAD with money. I had no idea where or how to get approved to go looking for one. I didn’t think we’d get approved.

But a friend of mine said a simple.. “Just look into it!”

So I did. I asked around for referrals to real estate agents. Called them and they referred me to a mortgage broker. That was it. The mortgage broker told us we’d get approved, how much of a house we could look for and how much money we’d have to come up with in fees and other things.

The money we had to come up with was around $5000.

Again, no idea where we were getting $5000.

But suddenly we had a fire LIT to make it happen! And we did.

You can do so many things that you think you can’t, you just have to let yourself BELIEVE you can. The can’t part is YOU limiting yourself and your mind and stopping you from looking for possibilities and outcomes you don’t even know about.

So in that moment when my friend said “just go check it out”… I let myself believe “maybe this is possible?” and it was so damn easy it’s funny.

So today I want to encourage you to let yourself believe!

Here’s another example:

I always have said that I have no interest in travel. It’s just not “my thing”. I just don’t want to cause I like being at home.

Yet I’ve found myself looking at pics of Ireland and thinking how beautiful it would be to be standing there in the gorgeous landscape. I’ve found myself wanting to whisk my daughter off to Disney to bask in the joys of meeting princesses. I’ve found myself thinking maybe I would enjoy a little trip to see some world-wonder. I’ve found myself wanting to surprise a special someone with that trip to New York we’ve always talked about.

It was just fear talking and a poverty mindset holding me back from even WANTING to travel.

So now I’m a beginner traveller wannabe.

This year my vision board will have pictures of:

  • New York
  • Ireland
  • Disney

Does that mean I’m going to do them all in 2017. Maybe not, but maybe.

It means I’m creating a vision in my mind of the things I want to do. I’ll be doing that not just for traveling but for the life and business I envision for myself in the new year.

NOW is the time for that kind of planning.
NOW is the time to let yourself want whatever you want.
NOW is the time to create a vision board.

And we can do it together! I have the Vision Board Planning Workshop coming up and it’s totally free for you to join!

During this workshop we’ll cover:

  • What a Vision Board is
  • Why They Work!
  • Tools & Materials
  • Vision Board Creation Demo

We also have a facebook group for you to join – here.

Over the weekend I’ll be creating the email sign-up so you get all the instructions, prep materials list and webinar reminders if you want that, but in the meantime think about what you’d like to have on YOUR Vision Board and what things you have been telling yourself you DON’T want that you might just be afraid to admit you do.

Big Hugs! ♥



p.s. This is the FIRST in a series of webinars I’ll be doing for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club this month. The first one is free to everyone, the next three will be free to members or you can sign up for whatever ones you like (for a fee). More details on ALL the webinars coming soon!

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