Day 3 Internet Marketing Journal: Life is Unpredictable

Life is pretty unpredictable around here. Actually that’s a lie, it’s pretty routine around being unroutine if that makes ANY sense.

Let me explain:

My fiance works 12 hour shifts, overnight. He’s gone five days a week one week and two days a week another week. He works every second weekend and he works Monday, Tuesday one week then Wednesday, Thursday the other, rotated. Confused? YEA… it’s a confusing schedule and one that has me wondering what day it is on the regular lol.

So mornings are family time around here for my toddler-girl Ella and her dad. Some days I get VERY little work done during the day. Today was one of those days. I got about 1 hour in while Ella was napping, then had to wake her up and get off to a dr. apt.

Now I’m on the computer quick while she’s watching YouTube songs to quickly do this update.

By the way I am LOVING doing this journal. Can you follow me around every day, forever? It’s making me look really realistically at what I can do and what I just don’t have time for, making it easier to set priorities and get things done!

Once I actually got a chance to get on the computer to work I sent an email to my list. Are you noticing a pattern here? EMAIL the LIST is priority #1!

I forgot to tell you that on Monday I messaged a couple of affiliates who have done well promoting my Website Design Mojo course and asked them to promote again. One affiliate promoted today and got me a sale, with one more to come this evening I think.

I went to yesterday’s journal post and clicked the social media share links. Then I grabbed the link for it to post on over here. I’ve got to go back and check but I think linking to posts and letting the image come up never does as well as uploading an image and then posting a link. It all looks the same in the end but facebook seems to prefer you add content to their site and serves it up to more of my ‘likers’. Yesterday I also boosted Day 1’s blog post link, I’ll do that again today for Day 2.

OMG this is WAYYYY too many emails!!!

I’m an inbox zero kinda gal and this is just NOT OK. Almost 200 emails to go through and get OUT of the inbox. I’m going to sort tonight. Luckily most of it is marketing stuff that I’m likely to delete.

It’s time to go on a newsletter unsubscribing spree and then filter the rest so it doesn’t hit my inbox at all. Gmail is great for that.


After Ella went to bed I spent all of the night clearing out those almost 200 emails. PHEW I feel much better now!

For all my previous journal updates I’ve completed them the same day but last night I was up until 1am just clearing those emails (you know how it is when you’ve got a task you want to finish) so I didn’t get to this post.

Now I’m actually writing this one from a coffee shop on my Window’s tablet and Bluetooth keyboard. It’s taken me about 30 minutes so far and that’s with figuring out how to work from here at the same time, which isn’t too bad at all! I’m testing out a TRUE Laptop Lifestyle with this as the tablet and keyboard fit right into my purse… making my business mobile and making it possible for me to work anywhere, anytime!


p.s. I love living the Laptop Lifestyle! I love it so much I’ve created a membership group dedicated solely to that purpose. We’re a great group of motivated entrepreneurs. Please consider joining us. Right now in the group a bunch of us are contributing to the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway… it’s soooo cool to see people taking action towards wonderful results!

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Angela Wills

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