Little shoes for little feet.

I was just taking a short break from working and noticed her shoes, those little shoes. For little feet.

It’s been a bit over three years since she blasted into our lives and changed us in so many ways.

I thought I knew everything about being a parent to one child, my now-teen boy.
I thought I knew it all about raising a kid while building a business.

I knew nothing.

It’s been a bit over three years since everything changed.

Since my son had a sister.
Since my business had a surprise shake-up (SURPRISE… I’m NOT superwoman lol).
Since we found a new dynamic.

Having children is for sure the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, and the hardest.

I love them to bits, they are my world and they are the reason I do what I do.

And when I caught a glance of those shoes today… I missed her.

I missed her sweet giggles.
I missed her plea to run around and play.
I missed her cuddles.

I know all too well how fast those things disappear forever. My son is now almost 15 and if I’m lucky I’ll get a hug, we’ll have a chat and maybe watch a show together. I’ve got to cherish all the moments.

So… I knew when I saw those shoes I had to write to you. Even though I’ve written already today.

That little moment… the freeze-frame in time.

She’s getting older now. She needs me less. I’m able to focus on my business more. Soon she’ll be off to school and I’ll focus on my business even more. I won’t wish it away!

I’ll cherish those moments!

I’ll giggle with her…
I’ll play when she asks…
I’ll cuddle at every opportunity…

That’s why I’ve REMOVED distractions from my life and business and I’ll KEEP removing them when they sneak back in.

I was horrified about how often I check Facebook on my phone, for no good reason, and to no good end. I don’t need to know what everyone’s doing all the time.. it’s addictive! What I need is time for my itty-girl, to be there when the teen-boy comes home and has stuff to share and of course to go on much-deserved date nights with hubby (we are DUE)!

What I need is productivity, focus, planning.

And I’m getting that. I’m getting IT and I have such a great plan for moving forward that I can not WAIT to see take shape.

And those shoes.

They’ll be gone soon.

They might be replaced by teen-sized heels, or soccer cleats (she loves sports) or bigger runners.

What I know for sure they’ll be gone soon and that tugs my heart.

No more distractions.
No more wasted time.

100% momma all-in for her peeps.
100% business value because I’m focused, clear and ready to deliver.

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