Day 4 Internet Marketing Journal: Living a Laptop Lifestyle

Today is Daycare Day! Yippee!

My little, sweetest in the world toddler-girly hasn’t been to daycare for a couple of weeks because she goes on Thursdays which happened to fall on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve this year. So with her home and my son out of school for two weeks it’s been an extra special challenge to get work done.

I have to admit that doing this journal has given me a nice BOOST to productivity as I have been both pushing myself to get more done AND being very mindful of what I’m doing. It would be dumb to just do a bunch of random, useless things and then share with you nothing special.

I wanted you to really see the week in the life of a marketer. While I’m NOT every marketer and we all do things differently one thing I think you’ll notice consistent with me and most marketers is that I am VERY focused on emailing my list. It’s so important to keep that connection and to keep promoting things to my list. It’s my number one task of the day most days. Some days it’s the only thing I get done. Some days I DON’T email my list but I’m almost always thinking about what the next thing to go out will be.

Since today is ALL ABOUT living a laptop lifestyle I’d love to remind you about my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club which is meeting TODAY at 3pm ET. Convenient or what? I didn’t even plan that to coincide, lol. We meet weekly, you get lots of training and resources and we have an active, fun facebook group, too. Check out all the details here:

After Ella was dropped off at daycare Matt dropped me off at Coffee Culture, my fav little coffee shop to work in.

As you can see in the picture I was REALLY testing out the #LaptopLifestyle theory with an 8″ Window’s tablet and a bluetooth keyboard. This is so portable it fits in my new purse (which I bought with that in mind ) !

It was a BIG test to see if I could do anything on the tablet that I can do on my laptop… and so far so good!

I was able to use Internet Explorer on the tablet (like a regular computer as it’s a windows tablet which is like a computer, not a phone with apps) and I opened up my Dashboard on WordPress to create a blog post, I posted in facebook as normal, I logged onto to get an image for the blog post and I created the graphic for my post in

First thing I did was go into facebook to update the images from my Day 3 Marketing Journal so I had them all ready to add to my blog post. Posting the images here in facebook makes it super easy to build them into a blog post at the end of the day. I think I’ll continue to use this method even if I don’t actually do a journal every day. A number of posts in facebook throughout the day, if planned properly, could turn into a nice blog post by the end of the day or for the next day. Repurpose baby!

Here’s me working on my blog post from my tablet. I’ll admit there were a few little ‘glitchy’ things that I had to get used to, like how to scroll using the mouse-pad only and sometimes an image didn’t upload in WordPress (but that only happened the once and the rest of the time no problem). Overall I know with a little time I’ll be zipping through projects using these tools.

I was super-excited to get PicMonkey working on the tablet no problem. This truly gives me the ability to work anywhere as I do need graphics on a very regular basis. I remember the days when you needed something like Photoshop to make graphics like these … no more, it’s all online!

Finally I was also able to run Aweber from my tablet which is very, very good since I need to be able to send emails to my list (as you know it’s a majorly important task).

Most of my evening was taken up by an unexpected error on my Amember shopping cart. I couldn’t do anything with that part of the site, at all. I had one of my top affiliates just send out an email to her very large email list and now my way to register new people was DOWN – ACK!


So I immediately went to Amember support to submit a ticket, knowing they wouldn’t be open for 3 hours. Then I went to bluehost and called support. Took me about 25 minutes to get a person on the phone which I was not too happy with, but once I did get the support guy online he fixed it all up in a few minutes- yay!

I’m going to go ahead and write this blog post up tomorrow again because I’m just tired tonight and I think it’s time to get a good nights sleep.

Sweet dreams!


p.s. Today was a great example of the Laptop Lifestyle. I love the freedom of it so much and want to share what I do and how I do it with anyone and everyone who’d love to do the same! That’s why I created the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. If you join us you’ll get ALL my Marketer’s Mojo training totally FREE, included with your monthly membership. That’s thousands of dollars worth of coaching programs (that people have really actually PAID) at no extra cost. You’ve invited to check it out here.
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