Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #8: Lose the Sad Story

I have a sad story.

Actually I have a bunch of sad stories.

Let me see (pre-warning: THIS IS SARCASM):

  • I am a single mom who never really understood how to manage her money. I still really suck at it and I can’t find anyone to help me. All the financial people are charletons who just want me to invest in whatever they’re selling. All the TV shows make it so easy but I can’t get those stupid budget jars to work. Budgets suck and I don’t want to do them.
  • I wanted an online business SO BAD. So bad that I was fooled by a lady who told me she was making awesome money in a business. I joined that business and I spent so much money following her instructions. I did everything exactly as she told me and it didn’t work! I ended up in MORE debt and way worse off than when I started. This affected personal relationships too because I had family helping me and they were very disappointed in me.
  • I went to a marketing event and it was a huge SCAM. The people hosting event pumped you up for the entire three days telling you how you can make a fortune online. Telling you how so many people are making $100k, $200k and more and showing you all the examples. They even had other people on stage who were just like me and started making a fortune online! I was so excited I signed up for a $10k program and I put it on my credit card. It was soooo stupid of me but I was sucked right in, it’s their fault. I was lucky enough to come to my senses and not go MORE in debt for this but another lady I met there was not so lucky. She had no money for groceries and her marriage was failing, all because of this event.

Look… I could go on and on!

It’s actually tempting, really. Sad stories are compelling, they make you feel like you’re justified for being where you are or for not achieving something you wanted to achieve.

I could rattle off those three things above and so many more if I wanted to stay stuck. If I wanted to have a mindset of lack, of pity, of defeat, of being unable to control my own life.

Let me share a little quote with you:

12928427_10153601440553723_4502804532876286544_n“Your Life is a Direct Result of the Thoughts You Think”

I believe this to be VERY true.

If you spend all your time thinking about the people who didn’t serve you best, or the things that went wrong, or the people who did you wrong, then you’ll never get ANY chance to look for solutions.

If you’re so focused on sharing your sad story instead of just putting on your blinders all the way to achievement then you’ll never even get one little step in that direction.

And that’s sad. That’s the true sad story.

So DROP that sad story like a hotcake.

Then, become successful.

Then… I’ll tell you what. Pick that sad story back up when it’s Inspiring, Motivating and Encouraging to people! That’s when a sad story is a really great thing.

I’ll leave you with my own sad story, turned around:

“I was a single mom, working at a dead-end factory on an afternoon shift. I got home at midnight or later and I hated my job. I had a career education that I didn’t use because I really wanted to be home with my son who was just starting Kindergarten. One night, at the factory, I was especially frustrated with the job and we were cleaning out the huge ovens by standing inside them and scraping gunk off the walls.

I knew I could do so much more than this! I knew I could help people and make a difference in people’s lives! I scraped and cried and determined I would find a way to finally generate a successful income and work from home.

Then one day it hit me that I could be a Virtual Assistant and get paid hourly to do marketing stuff I loved. Not a year later I quit my job to become a full time Virtual Assistant!”





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