I lost 14lbs the last month…

I mentioned that I’ve joined a Bootcamp to you, right?

I started almost a month ago now and I’m already down 14lbs. I’m really proud of that, really proud, but I’ve gotta give so much credit to the Bootcamp, the amazing owner and the other members there at 10,000 Strong Bootcamp here in Whitby.

I joined up to the bootcamp and immediate felt the sense of community. People welcomed me, didn’t judge me, wanted me to succeed.

I got the support I needed with an immediate meeting with the owner who asked me some questions about where I wanted to go with my health and fitness journey.

I got the help I needed by going to the bootcamp sessions and was pushed to work harder than I ever have.

AND I broke through mental barriers I didn’t even know I had.

I ran!
I jumped!
I jump rope!
I hopped!
I hopped on boxes! (this is starting to sound like Dr. Seuss lol)
I balanced!
I burpeed (is that a word)!

Oh my goodness looking back now I can’t believe I did all of those things so fast. Me, who three plus years ago broke her tibia and fibula BAD ASS as you can (I mean cracked, split, torn everything, angle at 90 degrees kind BAD ASS) and has been so TERRIFIED to re-injure that doing any of those things was a flat out NO THANK YOU. You wanna see the bad ass xray? Email me I’ll show you haha.

So. Point: I found a community. A home. A place I feel all warm and cozy about going to when I have a struggle like today I’m freaking out a bit about our Canadian Thanksgiving and undoing all the great work I’ve done. I asked the question and the community immediately responded on facebook with tips, encouragement and love. LOVE that I found them.

The reason I’ve created my own community for home business owners is just the same as the reason I joined a community for fitness.

Community makes things STRONGER, BETTER, EASIER.

Doing it alone I have been struggling for almost a year. As soon as I joined the group I am THRIVING, breaking barriers and killing it on my goals (my first goal was 10lbs – nailed it!).

Look you know going it alone is harder, right? The only decision to be made REALLY is deciding who to go with when you decide to join a community. I am so proud of my own community. I’ve made it so that people can do all the things I’ve been able to do in my own fitness journey:

Community – In our facebook group and our weekly live webinar meetings.
Accountability – In our challenges and monthly training topics.
Training – In coaching programs and monthly training topics.
Help – Initial Website Action Plan to get you going.
Support – Ask questions in the group or on the webinars, myself and the members will support you.

If you’re the kind of person who thrives when given this kind of support you will really LOVE our membership. Why not take our 2 week trial and free Initial Website Action Plan and see for yourself!




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