Entrepreneurs Business Passion: Time to Check In?

My slogan here at Marketer’s Mojo (now Laptop Lifestyle Business Club) a while ago was ‘Love Your Business, Love Your Life’.

I’m not sure why I took it down but I’m always playing with my brand and having new ideas and it likely got lost in the mix.

There was a very specific reason WHY I used that logo. I mean you’d think that loving your business was a given, right?

You created that business, it’s entirely by YOUR DESIGN, so why wouldn’t you love it? Yet when I quit my job back in 2007 I was stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated and DRAINED from the demands of client work. I was at the very close point of absolutely HATING my business. And loving your life, welllll, we all know that can be a bit tougher what with bills, having to actually WORK, family demands, conflicts, illnesses and more. Life can throw a lot of shit at you!

I don’t post any of that for you to agree with me and say “oh YEA, everything SUCKS!”. No, I’m not about wallowing in any bad situations. I only say it to tell you there is hope… lots and lots of hope… AND you can change things.

Fast forward to today, or actually maybe to about early 2014 when my daughter was born. Up to that point I was really quite enjoying group coaching with people and teaching them everything from WordPress to graphics to email marketing (but mostly WordPress). Very shortly after my daughter was born I realized that webinars just were not going to fit my life at that time, so I dropped them. When I finally got back into some sort of mode and ability to concentrate on my business earlier this year I was coming to a very confusing revelation… I no longer really, really loved what I was doing. I lost my ‘mojo’!

I think it’s understandable since my focus was on raising this tiny human and my son and figuring a whole new life balance within the household.

So… Loving Your Business.

Sometimes we fall out of love with our businesses. Maybe because we have overloaded ourselves with the kind of work we don’t enjoy doing with the kind of clients we don’t enjoy working with like I did back in 2007. Or maybe because life around us changes and we have to adjust and grow. Or maybe you’re just bored of doing the same things that once fulfilled you but now seem mundane.

No matter what the reason if you’re not hyped up about your business and EXCITED then it will show, big time, in all the things you put out there.

You’ve got to fall in love again! You’ve got to find your ‘mojo’!

That means YOU need to take action and make things happen. YOU need to decide you won’t be running this ‘blahhh’ business anymore.

I’ve been doing some things to make these kind of changes in my own business and life…

  • Find People Like ME – One of the biggest motivators for me is being able to communicate with other business owners who are doing the same thing. I’ve found a networking group that meets twice a week via webinar. It’s highly motivating, helpful and exciting to attend this sort of thing and get help for my business.
  • Clear What’s Not Working – Sometimes I’ll do a course or a program because I did it before and it’s easy for me to redo it. But spending my time and attention on something that clearly isn’t working is definitely a de-motivator so it’s important I get rid of those things that don’t work and focus on finding things that do.
  • Do What I Enjoy Now – I have an extreme shortage of time compared to what I had before the baby was born. I have to use that time to ONLY do things I really, really like doing or else my energy just DRAINS.
  • Take Care of ME – I decided it’s time to take care of me and that means a new fitness program, better food, trips to the hairdresser (still gotta get that set up) and all the things that make a person feel good and taken care of.
  • Bring Joy into My Life – I truly believe joy and happiness IS a choice. So I make a very conscious effort to be happy and forget about the worries. I know it’s not easy to do especially for a chronic worrier and anxiety-prone person. I know when I’m especially tense because I clench my teeth when I sleep! Life’s too short for that kind of crap! Don’t worry, be happy as they say (I’m telling me just as much as I’m telling you here you know)!

I’ve created a little test to see if you’re really living in your passion with your business. I’ve often said I create the resources I need and I share them with you and this is no different. I knew it was time for me, in my business, to take a long look at what I was doing/creating and see if it was still compatible with my lifestyle and who I want to be moving forward. It’s totally free. Download it and just answer YES or NO… then figure out if you’re really still in love with your business or just keeping things afloat. Recognizing there is an issue is the very first step to fixing it!

Internet Business Compatibility Test:


30 Days of Focus


Daily Tips to keep you from the all-too-common distractions that STOP YOU from doing your best work.

Sign up now and see you in the challenge group!

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Angela Wills

About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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