What did you do to Make Money Today?

We’re having a great discussion right now in my private membership club about money tasks. It started with this question:


Then, due to the quick thinking of a member we moved on to brainstorming actual money tasks that can be done:


So… did you make money today?

How about yesterday?

Will you make money tomorrow?

Or are you too busy updating your website, checking facebook, tweaking your branding, writing blog posts, creating training, planning products, redesigning your website, buying a new domain name and on and on…

Some of those things are VERY valid business tasks, but they are not priority number one.

If you’re interested in running a profitable business then priority number one is making money every single day.

That won’t just happen.

People won’t suddenly realize how awesome you are and start paying you what you deserve.

People won’t hear about all the hard work you’ve been doing on your website or brand and come running.

NO – You Have to do the Money Work.

That means avoiding the time sucks, the things that just eat away at your day until there’s nothing left.

Today I got up early to email my list. That’s priority number one. I had a lot of stuff with deadlines so I popped it all into one email. You can read the email here.

When I work up I decided on an income goal of $1000 for the day. Do I expect to hit every single income goal every day? No, not really, but I sure as heck will try. The thing is, if you don’t sit down and THINK about a big goal for your day you’re not likely to stretch yourself to reach high, or do anything different and achieve the same (or worse) results as you’re already getting.  By setting that $1000 goal I forced myself to think about the things I could do to achieve it. It sets your mind up to a challenge that it almost always NEEDS and WANTS to resolve.

In the email I sent out this morning I had three deadlines to talk about, each one could get me closer to my $1000 goal:

Deadline 1 – My Protege Program. Anyone signing up to this could be paying $300 for six months or $1697 all at once. So one sale and I’d hit my goal.

Deadline 2 – All Access VIP for Coach Glue. Two sales of this program would get me to my goal for the day.

Deadline 3 – 21 Day FIX Fitness Challenge. Now this one I only make about $30 or so. I’d need a whole lot of sales to get to my $1k goal for the day and I really didn’t expect that from this email. I did, however want to see if I can get a few people into my challenge so I threw it in.

Do you see how this works?

Set BIG goals. Do the things you need to get them.

You can’t just tweak stuff on your site with no idea how it’s going to get you results.

You can’t just write blog posts that don’t really go anywhere and are just glorified journaling.

Get to the money work, first!





p.s. It would be pretty silly of me to write a post about doing money tasks and not make it a money task. So let me point out the spots here where I could make money:
1) Link to my membership group – it’s indirect but it’s possible you’ll be impressed and sign up,
2) Link to my deadlines email – you might like to read that and make sure you don’t miss those deadlines 😉 and finally
3) this p.s. which would normally be focused on just one thing… Inviting you straight out to join our rockin’ awesome membership club with weekly live HELP via webinar, a busy facebook group with smart ladies who are taking action and taking names, a full library of marketing training AND a monthly topical training assignment. Join here, you’ll love it! 

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Angela Wills

About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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Avery - July 4, 2016

I love this, Angela. Just what I needed to see. Today, I’m emailing back a potential client who asked for some details about my content creation skills. It doesn’t make me money right this moment but it will soon. 🙂

    Angela Wills - July 4, 2016

    That’s it Avery, totally a money task because most services sales are done through the follow-up. Good for you!

Mark - September 21, 2016

Thanks for sharing some excellent money task advice Angela!

And you are so right, it seems some marketers will do practically
any and everything throughout the course of their day, except
try and monetize their efforts!

I really like several of your proven suggestions, and the way
you’ve prioritized what definitely needs to be consistently done first
and foremost!

Thanks for sharing your proven blueprint! This is very first visit to
your blog, but it definitely will not be my last!

    Angela Wills - September 23, 2016

    Thanks Mark!

    I had to learn the hard way to do this, like many people I was too focusing on updating things, creating stuff I didn’t know people wanted, etc but when I focused regularly on the important money-work, things changed. 🙂

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