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My friend Vera Raposo asked if I’d like to do a Cross Blog Conversation with her and since I had no good reason to say no, of course I said yes ;).

What that means is we have a conversation of sorts, on our blogs.

Vera started and you can read the first post on her blog here. Vera and I haven’t only met online, we’ve met in person a number of times and have known each other only over 10 years!

I’ve always really enjoyed conversations with Vera, especially when shared over a laugh and a bit of mystery spicy ketchup (you’ll have to read her post to hear the whole story lol).

We decided for this cross-blog conversation to keep it simple, pick one topic and casual/conversational.. So here goes:

Hey Vera & Congrats!

Hey I just wanted to say I’m so proud of you for getting your book on the cusp of release. Now push it out there 😉

Seriously though it’s really cool that you’re getting that done and it’s definitely something on my “one day” list.

I was looking around your book page and I noticed you also have an audio version there, free? Will you take that down when you release the book?

Also I’m totally curious what happens AFTER the book is released. I know you may not have it all worked out or may not be ready to share your whole game plan yet but do you have ways you’ll pull the message from the book into your business, marketing and new products?

Vera you asked me what I’m working on…

The answer is almost always: “everything”


It seems there are NEVER enough hours in the day, days in the week or even weeks in a year. The time is going SO FAST! I can’t even believe my baby girl is turning three in January and January is like a BLINK away.

So here’s a list of SOME of the things I’ll be working on from now till the new year:

  • Getting ready to release a really awesome deal for Black Friday.
  • Updating and promoting my personal coaching program.
  • Polishing up my Affiliate Program and reaching out to affiliates.
  • Doing my regular daily “money tasks” that I ALWAYS bug my members about.
  • Promoting my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club as always!

I’ll release new stuff come January but from now until January I’ve got lots on my plate.

One other thing I’ll be doing is sharing my Sticky Note UNStuck Planning method and doing my own New Year Planning ritual where I print out a year’s worth of calendar pages from Google, grab my sticky notes and get to putting dates on there of things to do, create and achieve in 2017!  I LOVE that you picked a date for this and I’ll do the same: The weekend of December 10th will be my Sticky Note Planning Weekend 😉

OH – and all through December I’ll be working on the Life and Business Planners I have arriving from Leonie Dawson… can not wait to get my hands on those.

I am really happy with 2016. I had picked a word, “STRONG”, for the year and I think I’ve become strong in surprising ways this year.
I joined the Fitness Bootcamp 10,000 Strong just a few months ago and my muscles are starting to pop = strong.
I also have made huge strides in my mindset and the strength and confidence is coming through I know it = strong.
I just keep getting clearer and clearer on my business and brand and am attracting the right people = strong.

So Vera I think we’re going to make 2017 a GREAT YEAR.

It starts with planning but it also takes ACTION and I know we both can do that.

Talk soon!



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