Making Sales Without Selling

Most people HATE selling.

I get it.

You don’t want to be pushy.
You don’t want to feel like you’re intruding on someone’s life.
You don’t want to be left with that icky feeling like you did something wrong.

But what if you could make sales without selling?
What if people bought from you because they LIKE you and they want to BE LIKE YOU?

Then you wouldn’t be selling, you’d just be sharing…

You’d be sharing what you love.
You’d be sharing what works for you.
You’d be sharing the tips and tricks you’ve learned.

You’d be sharing because you know what you have to share will without a doubt help people and even change lives.

That’s EXACTLY why I do what I do and why it does not feel salesy, sleezy or wrong to me AT ALL.

Matter of fact, to me, it’s a mission I’m on to share with as many people as I possibly can how very real and incredible living the Laptop Lifestyle truly is.

It’s a mission to help people make money online.
It’s a mission to help people have less client-work and more time-freedom, if they want it.
It’s a mission to help people work smarter and get more passive income.
It’s a mission to help every single person love their work so much they SHINE.

And the thing is… when you LOVE what you do you can’t HELP yourself but share it. You want everyone to know it! You want to shout it from the rooftops! (but you don’t because you want to share and not get hospitalized for a mental breakdown 😉

When I think about how good life is when you set your own rules it makes me so proud and so motivated to keep sharing.

That’s why I create programs like my NATURAL Affiliate Marketing training. It covers exactly what I’m talking about right now and lets you share all the cool things you use in your business already in order to add additional income to your current business. It’s such a smart way to break free of some of that hours per dollars income and add in something you can earn high income on or even passive income.

And it’s all about sharing what works for you.

When you’re passionate for something and have HIGH ENERGY people want to know what that’s about. They want to hear what you’re doing or using that’s getting you such great results. And if you’re working with clients and you don’t tell them what’s working for you they might even get MIFFED you’re not sharing your best tips!

So look at selling like this:

Help people.
Share what works.
Tell them why it’s a good buy.
Tell them how it will help THEM.
Save them time.
Save them money.
Save them frustration.

You will NEVER look at selling the same if you take and keep this mindset.

I believe with everything that I am doing good, and I know I am for all the feedback I get from people who’ve changed their lives from my advice.

I feel it is my DUTY to share this!
I don’t want to hold back and have even one less person miss out on this lifestyle!

So I share, and I tell, and I teach, and I ask for payment for my time. It’s fair. It works and everyone leaves very happy. 🙂

Let me teach you this.
Let me show you how you can EASILY integrate affiliate marketing into your existing business and share what already works for you.
Let me give you one on one advice and feedback.

Join the NATURAL Affiliate Marketing training and I will. I’ll show you what I’ve learned over years of doing things wrong to finally get it so right it’s just a natural fit into my business. I earn thousands upon thousands of additional dollars each year just telling people what I use, why and how it benefits me.

I created NATURAL Affiliate Marketing to help you incorporate affiliate marketing into your business so beautifully it just makes perfect sense.

YES!… This is for service business owners, too! For Virtual Assistants, Coaches, Web Designers and more. There are PLENTY of ways you can add affiliate offers to your business and I’m going to show you how.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this course:

1. Getting Set Up For Success in Affiliate Marketing:

  • How to find the BEST programs to promote.
  • The mindset you need to get yourself in so SALES COME EASILY AND NATURALLY.
  • Creating your affiliate redirect links so you can promote FAST and EFFECTIVELY.
  • The very best kind of program to sign up for and how it can earn you truly PASSIVE INCOME.

2. Create Profit-Pulling Content:

  • My number one ninja secret to making affiliate sales WITHOUT FAIL.
  • The affiliate tools that CONVERT the most SALES and the ones people think work, but don’t.
  • The techniques you should use to show your market the value of the products you promote.
  • The NOT OBVIOUS reason many affiliates don’t make sales & what you should do instead.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

  • The most important affiliate marketing tool you need to be using.
  • How to INCORPORATE affiliate marketing into what you’re already doing.
  • How to spread your affiliate marketing message FAR and WIDE.
  • How to LEVERAGE your business to make more affiliate sales.

4. Review, Rinse & Repeat (ie. Shortcuts and Extra Money)

  • How to use AFFILIATE STATISTICS to make more money.
  • Setting up your business to include ongoing affiliate promotions on autopilot.
  • How to make more money from already SUCCESSFUL promotions.
  • Creating products, services & programs to promote affiliate offers long-term.

I’m so excited to share all this with you! You’re going to learn what’s taken me MANY YEARS to get down. You’re going to skip so many hard lessons if you follow this and you’ll get yourself positioned to be one awesome affiliate marketer. Whoohoo. Chills.

So… here’s what you can expect to be happening when you sign up:

  1. On Feb. 13th we start and you’ll start getting emails and facebook posts covering all the topics listed above.
  2. You’ll get instant access to my Business Planning Bundle (free)!
  3. You’ll be added to our private facebook group where there is a pre-course assignment waiting for you!
  4. You’ll receive your links to our Celebration and Q&A webinar on Thursday, March 9th (YES it will be recorded and you can send your questions in if you can’t make it live).
  5. MY Affiliate Program List released Feb. 13th. I’ll be sending you the list of all the affiliate programs I make money with and I’ll share why and how I make money with them. This is going to be an insider look and so valuable to see how I get affiliate profits!

I can’t wait to hear about your affiliate results and how much you LOVE earning income without having to do the product creation, customer service, salespages and all that jazz 😉

If you want in you need to take action fast. I have a 35% discount for you for taking immediate action and signing up now. Here’s where to sign up and the coupon code to use:

Make Affiliate Sales Like a NATURAL! >>> NATURAL Affiliate Marketing
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About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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