How to STOP the Income Roller Coaster

This month marks my tenth year in business full time from home. Ten years since I quit my job, walked away and never looked back. NINE! Yikes… I know it’s so cliche but time really does fly.

I’ve been in business long enough to have had my fair share of “Income Roller Coasters” as I like to call them. They look something like this:

  • Booked-Solid then Hustle: One week you’re booked solid, the next two of your biggest clients decide to go in a new direction.
  • Launch Burn-Out: You launch a big product and do awesome (you’re first 8K month, yay), and then crickets while you recover and deliver all that content you promised. Effectively making your $8K month not so awesome since it needs to last two months.
  • Constantly Marketing: You sell great products and they sell, but you have to be in constant marketing mode to keep the income flowing and that is SO FREAKING TIRING!

There’s a way to make it stop: Membership Sites.

Years ago I decided I needed to start creating membership sites on the advice of a smart coach. She told me I needed to find ways to build in recurring and/or passive income into my business to help ease the stress and strain of too many business income roller coaster rides! I agreed!

So I’ve made some mistakes while I built up my memberships, some big ones. I highly recommend you consider this income source for your business and it’s a model that fits almost ANY business.

First, though, check out these common mistakes from Alice Seba and Ron Douglas of Member Site Live. They teach you all about setting up an awesome membership site in their program:

Mistake #1: Not Planning for Ongoing Content:

A lot of membership site owners, start strong out of the gate, but then their ideas fizzle as they run out of content to provide their members. They key to this is to strategically plan a membership where your members need your ongoing support and that’s exactly what Ron and Alice show you how to do.

Mistake #2: Not Having a Continuous Marketing Plan

This is a big one. You see a lot of people launch their membership site with a big bang. They get a ton of new members and they work hard on delivering content, but suddenly, as members drop off, the income dries up. The good news is, Ron and Alice have a unique “Membersite Live Marketing Method” they’re going to show you to continue to bring new members without a lot of hard work, so you can truly experience consistent and reliable income.

Mistake #3: No Member Retention Plan

It’s true that not every member will stay with you forever. But there are things you can do to encourage people to stay on…and you have to plan that strategically.

You can grandfather your charter members at a lower rate they can keep as long as they stay active. You can boost the value of the membership as you grow, so your long time members will see tremendous value in staying with you. You can also work to grow a community that your members love being part of and would hate to leave.

Those are just a few ways to keep your members and you know that Ron and Alice will have plenty more for you.

The registration deadline is coming very soon for their program, so get yourself in now: Member Site Live

Shorten the learning curve, increase your reliable monthly income AND see the whole process done live…so you can duplicate the success for yourself.


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Angela Wills

About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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Avery - May 2, 2016

These are some great tips, Angela. One thing I’ve noticed is that smart marketers often close the doors to their membership sites. This seems to help retain customers because they know they can’t re-join at any time. I’ve seen quite a few bloggers offer exclusive memberships just once or twice a year. It seems to work out for them quite well. 🙂
Avery recently posted…How to Turn Any Report into A WorkbookMy Profile

    Angela Wills - May 2, 2016

    I agree that is a smart strategy but I think you need a good source of traffic (either a large-ish list or a few good affiliates) in order to get that surge of members just twice a year, if you’ll be counting on it as a larger source of income.

    Great tip thanks so much for sharing Avery 🙂

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