My ducks are having a dance party.

“I’ll really get started… when I have all my ducks in a row.”


Just No.

You want to know what my ducks are doing right now?



That’s right. Duck Dance Party!

(I know, I know most of those are pigeons but you get the idea… )

They’re not lining up. Not even close. And I suspect they never will.

My schedule is constantly changing (naps to no naps, early wake-up to too tired to get up, full of energy to totally drained trying to get the energy for the day).

My business is constantly evolving.

Life is happening around me (babies, toddlers, sick parents, no babysitters, parenting a teen and whatever… it keeps going).

No… these ducks want to dance.

So I let ’em.

I let the ducks dance and I dance around them.

Even if it’s messy.

Even if it’s not always right.

Even if I wish they’d get all nice and neat… though they do seem to be having fun dancing.

What’s the point here?…

I guess if you thought I’ve got it all figured out or if I have everything always go according to plan or if you think I always have great plans then you are wrong.

I’m not perfect.

I’m like you.

I’m just willing to put myself out there with imperfections, dancing ducks, willpower that wains (sometimes I’d rather do ANYTHING but work) and everything else you’re probably struggling with. I’m sure I’ve been there either very recently or sometime in my almost fifteen year journey in business.




No more focusing on the ducks.

Focus on the fun of the freedom you can create.
Focus on making some of the ducks behave some of the time (lol).
Focus on creating and doing and growing and earning.

Forget the silly ducks.

If you’re ready to do that then you just MIGHT be the right person to work with me, one on one.

Every few months I open up my Protege Program and I’m doing it again, now. I open up only five spots at a time and if you are lucky you’ll get a spot and we can have some fun with those ducks together.

My Protege Program is for the person who’s serious about marketing their business. It’s for the person who already HAS a business, and a target market and knows what value they bring to that market. The ideal person for my program is ready to go or JUST needing some help to get going but is not AFRAID to make things happen. If you’re afraid to sell or release a product this won’t be the right spot for you. It is the right spot if you’re just teetering on the edge of “ready to go” and you need that push, that guidance, that insight and that experienced advice I am able to provide you! Check out all the details here. 


30 Days of Focus


Daily Tips to keep you from the all-too-common distractions that STOP YOU from doing your best work.

Sign up now and see you in the challenge group!

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Angela Wills

About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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