My New Home Based Business Motto

So I was driving in my car and I switched on the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast by Amy Porterfield.

The episode is #156 with Russell Brunson and it’s no joke when I tell you this is very likely one of the best podcasts I ever listened to. I listened to it THREE TIMES and I highly recommend you do, too… it’s here.

I got so many things from this podcast, so many, but one of the main things I did right away was this idea around creating a “cause” as Russell called it. He says that when there is some sort of future-based even you can create a movement. And it made so much sense to me. I also immediately knew what my cause was. I’m calling it my new business motto.

It’s this:

Because Life Can’t Wait

Life Can’t Wait. Life Won’t Wait.

We all want this lifestyle business freedom that I talk about because we want a LIFE. We want to have time for the things that come up without being bound to our computer and obligated to clients more than we are to our own families. We want to be able to drop everything to run and pick up a sick child at school, to be there for a parent who winds up in the hospital, to go celebrate a night out with a friend who’s gotten engaged or go stay with a friend who just had a baby and is feeling all kinds of overwhelmed.

I talk to people all the time who have life things coming up:

Family get sick.
They get sick.
Family passes away.
Pets pass away.
And on and on and on.

That’s the “bummer” side of it. The side that we don’t really WANT to deal with, but we must. These things don’t, won’t and can’t wait. Do we just ignore our business until they stop? No. No we don’t. That is, unless you think you’d like to get your business started in, uh, never.

No we MUST build our business AROUND our life.

Then there are the fun things in life. Those things don’t wait, either:

Big Parties.
Family Gatherings.
Family Visits.
And more!

A prime example of this for me was when I had my daughter in January of 2014. My husband was working night shifts and I was pumping. My daughter was up wanting food what seemed like ALL THE TIME so if I wasn’t feeding her I was cleaning stuff and if I wasn’t cleaning I was pumping and if I wasn’t pumping I was trying to catch some resemblance of sleep for myself. It was TOUGH. There were not enough hours in the day. There were certainly no EXTRA hours in the day.

I can’t believe I managed to do it but I was able to spend as little a 30 MINUTES a week in some of those early weeks and still my business didn’t take a complete nosedive.

Now I had stuff in place BEFORE my daughter was born. I knew that having a baby would take me out of the game somewhat, I just had no idea how much time she would require (I guess I lost my memory form baby 1 who was already 11 at the time). So… life happened bit time but it was not going to wait. Here are some of the things I did beforehand to be sure I’d be able to keep income coming in during the busy times:

  1. Built an active membership site. I had members paying me monthly for a program and that monthly recurring income was a huge saver because I knew I had this income base that would be coming in.
  2. Hired a team. I had two VAs working for me helping to run my membership site. They were uploading my reports, updating my site, writing emails and more.
  3. Created affiliate income. I had income that was recurring also from affiliate promotions I’d been doing and that was another great help to keep the income flow.
  4. Used autoresponders. I think one of the coolest results of my planning for life to happen (aka baby being born) was that I made money WHILE I was in labour. No… I didn’t get paid for baby-making, nope I don’t think that’s legal. What I did get paid for is a course I set out to launch and promote when I knew I’d be induced. I knew that at that time I’d have no opportunity to work so I did the work ahead of time and had people paying me at the exact same time as I was brining new life into the world. Cool? Right? 😉
  5. Reused Content & Used PLR. Content is important. You can’t stop doing it. And you can’t really write it when a baby is crying in your ear. So I became a MASTER (and I mean master) at taking content I’d already created and reusing it. I also purchased Private Label Rights content, which means it’s already written and I had permission from the creators to sell it to my people.
  6. Repurposed Promotions. I also became a master at finding things that had worked before and just reusing those. Like I’d take 10 minutes and look through old emails, find one I could just copy, make sure it linked to an active product and off I went. Less than 30 minutes and spent 5 minutes linking it up all over social media.

YES… I know what it’s like when life happens and I know that you can do so many incredible things you don’t even KNOW you can do yet.

I would love to help you see all the awesome things you can achieve in creating your own Laptop Lifestyle. I’d love to help you realize that Life Can’t Wait but that doesn’t mean you have to wait. You can build your business NOW, you can grow your profit NOW, you can set up systems and plans to give you more freedom NOW so that when the big life things happen you are ready. You have to GET ready though. You have to take action. I can help you!

Come check out the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. There are three levels of membership, one just right for everyone, and right now I have the EXCLUSIVE VIP Member Club on sale for just $697 for the entire year. That will save you hundreds of dollars but if it’s not for you right now there are three other options, one as low as $10/month.

Do it for your life.
Do it for your business.
Do it because life can’t wait.

Talk soon,


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