Why I Switched from OptimizePress to Thrive Themes

Anytime I make a big change in my business I get quite a few questions.

Of course, most people want to know why? Why am I making the big change?

About a year and a half ago I switched my WordPress theme from iThemes to OptimizePress and wrote all about why I made that decision in this post.

I’ve switched themes many, many times over the years. It just goes to show you that even with all my experience in WordPress and themes you can’t know what you need until you need it and that’s why you shouldn’t spend forever picking a theme. Just pick what you need for now and expect your business to evolve over time.

Why I Switched Away from OptmizePress

The main reason is it isn’t working right.

I have friends using it who couldn’t get the editor to work. I have a VA friend who said many of her clients couldn’t get it to work, either. I had to use two browser to get all the functions to work when did “work” and then suddenly it just stopped working.

I could have contacted support, yes, but I just had this gut feeling that the company is not putting in the kind of upkeep I want on a theme and I decided it’s time to find a new solution.

Why I Switched to Thrive Themes:

I picked Thrive Themes for a few main reasons:

  1. I wanted a theme like OptimizePress that could do salespages and opt-in pages with ease.
  2. Thrive Themes is focused on conversions.
  3. I was pretty confident I could recreate what I already had in Thrive Themes.

Simply put: I was pretty happy with OptimizePress and what it could do, it just wasn’t letting me update! So I needed to update the topic of the month for my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and it wasn’t happening. I decided to make a quick switch to the new theme.

Now I’ve got the new training on the salespage and I’m really happy with the look of it as you see here:

It was pretty easy to duplicate the look of my blog on the new theme. This is almost exactly the same as with OptimizePress:



Also, I totally redid Laptop Lifestyle Business Club as a website now instead of a salespage. This will give me a lot more opportunity to really share what the club is all about and invite people to join my email list before they are ready to make a commitment to join the club.

I love the lightbox feature and have used it right on the home page to invite people to my 30 Day Distraction Challenge here:

There are so many features to Thrive Themes! I’m really JUST getting into it.

Here are the different plugins that come with the theme:

  • Thrive Clever – Widgets Take control over exactly where your widgets are displayed on your site
  • Thrive Headline – Optimizer Generate reports to find out how well your site is performing
  • Thrive Leads – The ultimate lead capture solution for WordPress
  • Thrive Ovation – Collect, manage and display conversion boosting testimonials.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder – The plugin is built to deliver the following benefits to users: engage visitors with fun and interesting quizzes, lower bounce rate, generate more leads and gain visitor insights to find out about their interests.

As you can see, Thrive Themes is created all around the concept of engaging people, gathering leads and making sales! That’s RARE in a WordPress theme and it’s definitely what got me super interested in the theme in the first place.

I purchase the full package with a yearly payment. I feel it is SO worth it to pay for a theme because it helps ensure that I AM getting a theme that is updated and that I can use long-term. It’s not a guarantee as I also paid for OptimizePress and it’s updates, but it’s a heck of a lot more secure than grabbing a free theme that the designer has not nearly as motivating a factor to keep it updated and maintained to work with all new versions of WordPress.

My focus right now is on building my list and making my salespages convert the best they can. It just makes so much sense to get the MOST out of my marketing as I can and I know this theme was an excellent choice to do just that.

If you are interested in more subscribers and more sales from the same amount of traffic then this theme is definitely worth checking out when you need a theme for your website: Thrive Themes

Talk soon!





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