Welcome to Laptop Lifestyle Blogger. I'm the owner and blogger, Angela Wills. 

This year marks my 10th year anniversary of quitting my job. I've been earning my full-time income online since. I'm super-passionate about sharing all my tips and advice on how to build YOUR business online. 

If you're a service provider, coach or information product creator you're in the right place! I love working with creatives and people who have a deep passion for serving their market. 

My most recent blog posts:

Little shoes for little feet.
I was just taking a short break from working and noticed her shoes, those little shoes. For little feet. It's[...]
Just share what you love and you’ll get paid…
Affiliate marketing is often an afterthought, something to do "later". What most people don't realize, until they do, is that[...]
Why I Switched from OptimizePress to Thrive Themes
Anytime I make a big change in my business I get quite a few questions. Of course, most people want[...]
Have I Ever Told You “my story”?
I've been doing quite a few interviews over the past couple of weeks. First of all, I LOVE it! Someone[...]
Invite: 30-Day Distractions Challenge [free]
This morning I didn't wake up and check Facebook like I do almost every other morning. I didn't because I[...]
Build a Business Around Your Life…Not a Life Around Your Business
Picture the lifestyle you want. No, not the one you think is SAFE to want, not that one. The one[...]

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