When Determination Looks a Little Like Crazy…

14 Years.

That’s how many I’ve been entirely devoted to being an entrepreneur.

9 1/2 Years.

That’s how many I’ve been earning an income solely online.

4 1/2 Years.

That’s how many since I moved out of my parents BASEMENT to co-purchase my first home.

3 Years.

That’s how many since I’ve completely stopped working with regular one on one clients.


That’s how many since I made my first $10,000 in a single month online.

You see… that’s a process. It’s a progress.

It was NOT a straight line.

Those are the ups… there were lots of downs.

There were lots of times when it felt like I was making ZERO process at all. When people in my life who I loved told me it was crazy to keep pursuing this and that I should quit.

But, when you zoom out wow that’s pretty cool, right? I’ve actually never written it out this way and it is clear to me that the growth since that one day I sat with my dad and told him I never wanted to leave my baby boy, the growth has been huge.

My message today is if you feel like you’re not making progress you have to remember this is a long game.

When a client of mine is frustrated I try to remind them this is THEIR long game, too.

You don’t have to have this all figured out in a day, or a week, or even a YEAR.

If I did the “I’m quitting if this doesn’t work in a year” thing I’d NEVER be where I am today. My first year was a MESS, a big soapy mess (I was in the bath & body business) and I had absolutely NO CLUE what I was doing!

And then every new thing is, well, a new thing.  It takes time… give it time.

Yet… I tell you to hurry.

Be fast, yet be patient.

Confusing, right?

Let me clarify.

Be FAST in your resolve to take action. You can’t just sit around learning for four years and then at the end of four years be mad that you’re not making any money.  Learn of course but EARN at the same time. You must be in it to earn profit because it will never just come to you. The profit is what makes you a business and what makes you capable of doing more and better things. It makes you capable of helping people, enjoying your life, building a greater business. Never, ever, ever feel bad about asking for money because the people who are just and fair will ALWAYS believe it’s right to pay for value. So.. take action, always. Don’t wait.

Be PATIENT in your expectations. We cannot control the outcomes, only the actions. We CAN use a program like my Predict Your Profits to determine how much money you want to make and what actions you should take to be highly likely to get there.

Know that the technology issues, the marketing overwhelm, the lack of ideas or feeling uninspired are all just parts of the bigger picture…. parts that if you look at it as “payment” for an incredible, amazing, awesome life of total freedom (<<< how I feel about my life) then you’ll see it’s worth it and so much more!

HUGS to you if you’re feeling frustrated right now!

Of course I will welcome you with open arms into the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, where we focus on building this lifestyle every day. We are a group of people who take this serious, who take action and who get results!

I just ADORE the community that has grown over the last 18 months we’ve been going… I know you will too. You’ll get a solid support system of people who understand you (so important). We’ll talk weekly in our live webinar meetings where we challenge each other, stay accountable and more. You’ll get monthly topical training on things you need to know or DO to grow your business. Then you get free access to many of my higher end coaching programs and courses. I think you should go sign up now 😉

Play the long game, take action and be patient with your results and all you want from your business will really be possible.




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