Putting Yourself “Out There”

I’m such a mom about this blog post…you’ll see why:

My daughter loves the book “Franklin in the Dark” and we read it often.

Here’s how it goes:
Franklin is a turtle who’s afraid there are monsters and scary things in his shell, so he just drags it along with him never using it. One day Franklin decides to go ask other animals if they can help him get over this fear. He comes upon a few animals with some issues of their own:

  • A duck who’s afraid of water and uses water wings when no one is looking.
  • A lion who doesn’t like loud noises and uses earmuffs to muffle his own roar.
  • A bird who’s afraid of flying and sneaks a parachute just in case she needs it.
  • A polar bear who’s thinking he might freeze to death so he wears a snowsuit.

Franklin realizes that everyone is afraid of something, even when you THINK they’re not. So off he goes to bed, in his shell, and when no one is looking he turns on his nightlight.

See… can’t get more mom-ish than that! 😉

I thought it was a perfect illustration of a concept I’d love to share about “putting yourself out there”. I’ve often been asked about overcoming the fear of putting your stuff out there for sale or offering your services to clients.

The fear of criticism or rejection can be VERY debilitating to your business and keep you from taking any action, or at least taking really super-small and safe actions that you think won’t let you get too hurt as a result.

The thinking here is you’re going to wait until you’re ready in most cases, or when you know how to do it properly. I get this and I totally understand because there was a time in my online ventures where all I did was learn and wait, learn and wait. It’s like I was waiting for someone to tell me I was ready, or waiting until someone said I was really good at what I do and I should be “popular”, or waiting for some sort of validation that I was cut out for running a successful business.

But here’s the thing:

Why should ANYONE believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself??

Think about this: You know yourself best. If you don’t think you’re ready, or good enough, or able to build your business people will believe you. The opposite is also true, though. If you can find a way to believe in yourself and know you have VALUE to deliver, then people will take you at your word and believe you there, too.

Nobody knows you like YOU DO so set the tone in how you want people to SEE YOU.

Also, nobody knows what’s going on “under your shell”. It’s OK to be a little afraid. It’s OK to not have it all together. I believe perfectly put together business or business person is a total myth. You can’t see the mess underneath. Nobody is perfect. No business is perfect. Everyone is growing and evolving.

Let me tell you a bit about me to just set the tone here. I’m FAR from always confident in what I’m doing. I’m FAR from fearless when I release a new product or service. I’m FAR from mistake-free and sometimes I let people down. One thing I truly believe is that I help people. I do have some time behind me with results and people who’ve actually told me that I’ve helped them but that wouldn’t/couldn’t have happened if I’d just have kept to myself and not dared to step out and offer my first ebook, then my first webinar, then my first group coaching program, etc.

Why not you, too?

It all starts with taking a first step. That step is determining to do what it takes to build your business!

In my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club we’ve been doing some great things over the last few months. I’ve seen one of the members create his first product, another member build her list for the first time, another member setting BIG goals of opening up her own physical location. We’re moving along with REAL businesses that serve REAL people yet give REAL freedom to our lives. It’s so exciting to see! Please join us if you’re looking for long-term motivation, inspiration and training to build your own laptop lifestyle business. 🙂


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