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Don’t Wait Until Your Business is ‘Big Enough’ to Start an Affiliate Program, Start an Affiliate Program so Your Business Gets Bigger!

Give your affiliates the tools they need to rapidly sell
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Attention Coaches, Virtual Assistants and Service Providers…

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IMG_2273aFrom: Angela Wills
About: Affiliate Management Training Program
Dear Information Product-Seller,

In working with many hundreds of small business owners I’ve found a few things to ring true.


  • Short on time.
  • Slightly frustrated with their efforts to make money online.
  • Looking for help figuring out the best way to increase income without increasing the work.
  • Tired of hearing all the hype and just want the facts!

Running an affiliate program allows you to focus on one clear, realistic goal:

Providing affiliates with the resources they need to promote and increase your business.

Affiliate Programs Are All About Relationships

In order to have a successful affiliate program, you need to have a great relationship with your affiliates and they need to have a great relationship with the people they are promoting your products to.

The problem most people have when thinking about starting an affiliate program is they don’t know where to start.

social-network-girl-300x223At first they feel that the actual software to create an affiliate program is too technical or complicated for them to follow. Then, they worry that they just aren’t a big enough company with flashy products and lots of sales that will attract the big affiliates. So for many business owners an affiliate program is nothing more than wishful thinking, opportunities (and sales) lost, a pipe dream.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

I’ve been there. I get that feeling that you’re little bitty company isn’t going to attract anyone with enough clout to make a difference. I get that worry that you’ll put hours upon hours upon hours for naught when you set up an affiliate program that no one signs up to. I get it. I also got over it, started my own affiliate program and have been profiting from it ever since. You can too! (I can help!)

Let’s run though the things that might be stopping you from starting your affiliate program or providing affiliate management services for clients:

  • Making a decision on what system to choose is too time consuming and confusing!
  • You’re not sure what potential affiliates will need to be successful.
  • You just don’t believe you have the time or ability to set things up properly.
  • Once it’s up you won’t have time to focus on it and you’re not ready to pay an affiliate manager (at $55/hr + plus commissions) just yet. Or, if you’re an affiliate manager you don’t believe people will pay you for the time-consuming tasks an affiliate program launch requires.

Well keep reading because I can help you leave all these challenges in the dust and create your most profitable affiliate program![/text_block]

Introducing: Sales Commotion! Start & Grow Affiliate Program RESULTS

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]If you’re ready to build a team of affiliates who are ready and willing to promote your products or your client’s products, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for:

With this program you will be given the tools you need to make it easy to build an affiliate program that gives it’s affiliates what they need to create successful campaigns. Every lesson contains step-by-step information and gets straight to the point… Includes ‘cheat sheets’ of email promotions, reviews, affiliate messages and more that you can just customize and use straight away.

Homework in each module so you stay on track with building your affiliate program. From setting up an affiliate program, to providing the tools affiliates need to recruiting new affiliates, it’s all here…[/text_block]

Training ONLY $97!
CLICK HERE to Sign Up Now!

Here’s What You Get:

  • 1

    LIVE Training Session August 3rd from 1pm – 3pm ET

    We’ll meet live on August 3rd from 1pm to 3pm and I’ll share with you EXACTLY what I’ve done with my affiliate program to take in tens of thousands of dollars in sales that would never have happened without my affiliates. I’ll tell you MY TOP ways to find affiliates AND get them to promote my stuff again and again and again. I’ll tell you how to run a successful affiliate program that pays for this course dozens of times over!

  • 2

    Weekly Training Modules

    Yes we’ll meet live with the info you need to GET GOING NOW but I don’t want to leave you high and dry with all the extras like: what kind of software to use, where to promote your affiliate program, how to pay your affiliates and all those kinds of questions you’ll need answers to. That’s where my once per week training modules with homework will come in. I’ll get you going and keep you rolling!

  • 3

    Personal Email Homework Review

    Remember that homework I mentioned? I’ll take time each week to REVIEW it for you, give you my personal advice and suggestions and give you a little nudge to go do it. This is included with your training.

  • 4

    ADD ON: GET IT DONE Workshop

    In this workshop on August 4th from 1pm – 3pm ET you will come in ready to get your affiliate program setup and ready to ROCK. I’ll be there to guide you, make suggestions and answer your questions as needed. You’ll also receive one week of follow-up email coaching after this session.

  • 5

    Personal Work WITH You VIP Day

    ONE PERSON only will with with me on Wednesday, August 10th from 11am to 3pm ET. We will have one lunch break and I’ll buy you lunch (you tell me where to get it and I’ll order it for you as long as they accept Credit Card). I’ve booked a special day for us to get your affiliate program off the ground are ready for the world! We’ll do anything and everything needed to get you going, including: creating an offer if you don’t have one, setting up your Amember* software for affiliates, getting your order links ready for email, salespages and/or social media, creating resources for your affiliates, brainstorming affiliates for your program. You’ll also get one full month of email coaching, free! *******NOTE: You must use Amember as your affiliate software for this VIP Day.*******

Training ONLY $97!
CLICK HERE to Sign Up Now!

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]angela-purseHey if we haven’t met before I just wanted to say HI and do a brief intro.

I’m Angela Wills and I’ve been working full-time online, from home, for myself since 2007. I’ve had years and years of experience setting goals for myself, helping my clients set and get goals and increasing my income consistently year after year. Oh and then there was the year I barely worked (cause I had a demanding baby) and barely dropped any income, that was wild ;). I can help you get and hit your income goals.

You need to show up, do the work and then follow-up! It’s not nearly as hard as the messy mind makes it!

I’m 100% certain that NOW is the time for you to get active on your goals. Setting them, picking dollar figures, deciding on tasks that make them happen and getting results.

All the best and I hope to see you on the workshop!!


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