You Can Do This Really Badly…

I’m not going to sugar-coat this:

I’ve seen a lot of BAD WEBSITES.

I mean really bad.

I mean run away screaming “I’ll never hire you!” kinda bad.

True story.

You do NOT want to build a website that drives your potential customers and clients away.

No, you want a website that attracts the right, awesome, amazing people you want to work with like a magnet. It CAN absolutely work that way but there are things you should know, things you might not know yet and things you probably won’t ever learn until you make the mistake of doing them badly first.

So while I’m all for ACTION and learning as you go I’m also for learning smart things, fast, and then taking action in the best possible mode of (fast) preparation.

So, I’m going to share with you some very valuable info that you can use to avoid being one of those “I’ll never hire you!” kinda bad and instead be the “OH MY GOSH where have you been all my life, take my money!” kinda good!

Sound good? You need a website that:

  • Speaks to your credibility so you have much less work to do one on one.
  • Is a source of NEW CLIENTS that know exactly what you have and want it.
  • Acts as a shopping cart so people can buy anytime, even when you’re sleeping (zzzzzz).
  • Houses your services, training and programs so people can learn what you do anytime.
  • Introduces you to a much larger audience than you could ever accommodate without one.


But not just any website will do. For any online business owner like you or I, the only website builder you should use is WordPress.

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In this free webinar, I’m going to share with your 5 powerful reasons you must have a website, including:

  1. Why nothing establishes a brand in the same way a website can–and how you can achieve this quickly and easily with WordPress
  2. How to establish an instant connection with clients and prospects–and the one page on your site that makes it happen
  3. Why your website elegantly attracts your ideal client–while simultaneously discouraging those who aren’t a perfect fit.

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The live webinar takes place on September 1st at 1pm, and seats fill up fast, so register today, while you’re thinking about it!

Yes! There will be a replay, but I’ve got a little something special planned for those who are on the call live, so I encourage you to join us on September 1st at 1pm ET if at all possible. Here’s the link to register.





P.S. P.S. How would you feel about taking a day with me to just get this DONE? I have two VIP WordPress Website Days available for September. You will get me focused completely on your business for a full six hours and I will help you get set up, get plugins installed, add your theme, create your content and just about anything/everything you need to get a website up FAST. Goal is you are READY for making offers when we are done. This is ONLY for two action-takers, people who will not be using the “I’m building my website” trick to stall themselves… hit reply and let’s talk about it if you are interested!


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Angela Wills

About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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