Spring Cleaning Your Business

I’m doing what I can only think to describe as “bounce blogging” on two totally unrelated sites, this marketing site and my fitness blog.

What I mean by bounce blogging is that I’ve been taking one topic and bouncing it back and forth between two sites. First I posted about my office in a bag here on Marketer’s Mojo, which led me to think to add a post on Angela Wills about how I was working on completely clearing out my closet and updating my wardrobe and now I’m BACK on Marketer’s Mojo to talk about Spring Cleaning but not my closet… Spring cleaning out my business!

Moving Hosts & Updating to VPS

I made a BIG move. A move I’ve been wanting to do for at least a couple of years but have been VERY hesitant on.

My hosting has been with Bluehost since 2008 and over that period of time I’ve compiled a massive amount of files and digital “mess”. It’s just a lot of stuff that I want to go through before I delete to make sure I’m not deleting something I really need. Before I get to that job, I first wanted to move my entire site and files to a new host, MomWebs, and sign up for a VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server.

VPS hosting means that your website is on it’s own computer, a “server”, and it’s not shared with anyone else. That creates much greater security than the “multi-domain hosting” that it’s great for a starter website. I found out just after I got my site moved that I was using 64% of the shared hosting resources and I was sharing that server with 3,000 other people! Wow, right? I know this is kinda geeky/techy but it’s interesting to know where your website lives, right? just a little?

Anyway I decided it was time to make the move. I was quite nervous about moving all my WordPress installs and most of all my installation of Amember, my shopping cart. I can’t say enough good things about the amazing patience of the support over at MomWebs, where I moved. They were able to help me through the move and do most things I would in no way be able to do. Everything went mostly smoothly. Amember broke, which I suspected it would but the important part was that we worked together (me contacting Amember support) to get it back up and running very quickly!

Phew… Spring Cleaning Task #1: Move Hosting is done … CHECK!

Clear Out Email Marketing Software Aweber

The second place I decided to tackle for spring cleaning my business is my Aweber email lists.

Between customer and subscriber email lists I had 28 lists. 28 lists! That’s kind of like having 28 closets filled with different clothes and then expecting you’ll have any idea of where anything is or how you’re going to use it. It was just too much. Too much to manage. Too much to use. Too much.

So I’ve consolidated down to two main lists: One for customers and one for leads.

Then I do have a small few special customer lists to send specific emails to:

  • The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club + so I can send weekly webinar notices and other important updates.
  • My Protege Program clients.
  • The current coaching program TEACH WordPress which I’ll move to the customers list as soon as we’re done.

So what I did tonight was go through and merge all these lists. What I have yet to do is set up the new “Campaigns” feature to account for the autoresponders for each of my courses. Now when someone signs up to my course I’m going to invite them to receive course emails by signing up for the Campaign for that list.

Phew… Spring Cleaning Task #2: Merge Email Lists is done… CHECK

Now there’s definitely more to do to get my business entirely Spring Cleaned!

Here are some other things on my agenda:

  • Unsubscribe to a ton of email lists to reclaim my inbox (this needs done once every few months or the inbox gets full of marketing emails).
  • Clear any outdated info on my website off the site and update any old blog posts.
  • Update my course delivery areas and clean up anything not in use/outdated.
  • Clean off my computer DESKTOP… eeeks (you don’t even want to know).

So as you can see like many I don’t have everything flawlessly together, organized and perfect. That, however, doesn’t stop me from building my business and earning my full time living from part-time hours! I love that I get to call this work because it really feels like play every single time I get to do it.





p.s. I’ll leave this post today with a bit of homework for you. Take action on this and I’m positive you’ll feel “lighter” about keeping your business organized!

Your Homework:

Do some business spring cleaning! Here are some ideas:

Clean up your hosting files.
Clean off your computer desktop (virtual).
Clean off your desk (physical).
Clean up your email lists.
Sort and clean up your inbox. Unsubscribe from things you don’t need.

Or come up with your own! Comment below if you’re in 😉

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