No Credibility? No Problem: How to Start a Business Without Experience

In conversation with one of my Protege coaching clients the other day, I was asked how to sell online and earn money when you have absolutely no credibility in your niche.

My client said she had no experience at all in anything she could transfer to an online business.

I get it. There’s a BIG fear when you get online that you’ve got to have this impressive business, get all your ducks in a row and be able to stand up against the ‘experts’ before you really, REALLY put yourself out there.

That fear or expectation of yourself can be very debilitating to your online success.

Listen Carefully as you read this. Read it out LOUD even in my voice (oh heck here’s an audio clip of it):

… you can get out there, you can sell and you can be profitable even if you are starting from scratch today.

Take my new business, for example. I’m a Beachbody Coach.

Let’s break that down:

  1. Beachbody — I DO NOT Currently own a “beach” body. My personal description of my body might be better recognized as a “work at home body”, “mommy body”, or hell “relax on the couch body”. That’s all fine and good but it gives me about ZERO credibility with the fitness fanatics out there who are looking for someone super hot and inspiring to work with them. Right? Well, sorta but keep following here it gets better ;).
  2. Coach — Fitness Coach? Me? Are you serious? If you had of told me five years ago I’d be coaching people towards their highest health and fitness goals I would have laughed in your face, and behind your back and on your doorstep as you walked away thinking I’m an insane person… haha. Here’s my previous idea and attitude about working out:

So what’s a lady with zero credibility to do?

Should I just hide and wait and bide my time until I’m a smoking hot fraction of my former self with tons of nutritional knowledge and a few years of workout experience to share?

I could do that and there’s certainly nothing WRONG with doing that. But that’s not me.

No, my marketing self knows that there are LOTS and LOTS of people LIKE ME >>>

  • People who have spent the majority of their life feeling trapped and frustrated because they didn’t know what to do to lose weight and eat better.
  • People who are certainly inspired by those with super-high levels of fitness but want someone they can relate to on a personal level because they are going through a very similar experience.
  • People like me who do NOT have all their shit together but are trying their best to balance a working life, a family life, being a good mom, keeping a relatively clean house and getting healthy food on the table…. That’s MY TRIBE.

Now… The more I find and market to my tribe, the more they’ll love me. The more I can give them useful and relate-able info the more I can help them. Help people and they become your peeps, your readers, your fans and your customers.

It’s really as simple as that.

Now I’m going to give you some homework because I don’t want you to just go away thinking “wow good post”. I want you to go and TAKE ACTION on that thing you didn’t think you had enough credibility to do but you really, really, really want to do. That thing you think is calling you and that you could talk about all day, every day. That thing.

Here’s your homework:

Okay your homework is to STOP WAITING for the ‘right time’, for the ‘perfect website’ or for the ‘most experience’. Do one or ALL of these Key Online Business Tasks as soon as you possibly can:

  1. Build Your Website (my Oct. 19th course can be helpful in that way 😉 ).
  2. Build Your Email List (Aweber is my favorite tool for that).
  3. Create Your Facebook Page and other social media accounts as appropriate (For my new Beachbody business I have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus where I’ll be most active).
  4. Bonus homework points if you leave your comment below so I know you like my post 🙂 !

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