How to Write a Sticky Note Business Plan

I recently got an email from a potential client that was all too familiar. She had spent lots of money on courses and materials to learn to get a website up, do email marketing, social media and all kinds of things. However, she was still frustrated, wasn’t making money and didn’t know what to do next.

I’m going to tell you a secret: I don’t know what you should do next, either. I don’t even always really know what I should do next!

Ok that’s not really a secret but it’s a very common misconception. The misconception is that those of us who are making money have ‘figured it out’ and that we ‘know exactly what to do’. The fact of the matter is that a product can sell awesome one month and tank the next and you might never know why. A product you think is going to be a hit might totally bomb and one you think will bomb is a hit.

The key – getting stuff out there. Often. Repetitively. Many Times. Forever.

The challenge – knowing what to do on a day to day, hour to hour level.

That’s where business planning comes in. If you take the time to look at the ‘big picture’ then the smaller picture just falls into place.

Why You’re Stuck and Planning Nothing:

I know exactly what you’re thinking. You can’t plan! You don’t know what to sell. You don’t know what’s going to sell. You don’t even know what people really want.


I’ve been that way too and I’ve talked often on my blog and in my newsletters and even recently on my podcast about ways you can sell your product without taking a huge risk because you sell it BEFORE you even create it.  So wipe that ‘sticky spot’ off your list.

I can hear you saying but you can’t plan because you don’t have your website ready yet. Your marketing funnel isn’t in place. Your graphics designer doesn’t have your ‘brand’ just right yet. OH give it up now! I’m sorry but these are ALL just ways you’re stalling yourself from getting out there because if you knew what I know you’d know that NONE of those things are as important as immediate, often and swift ACTION. You can always fix those things ‘later’, after you make some bucks.

I know what else you’re thinking… You can’t plan right now because a family member is sick, you’re about to have a baby, you broke your leg, yada yada yada. Look, these are real issues and all issues I’ve faced in the last little bit myself. The fact of the matter is there will always be LIFE happening. You’ve got to take the reins and decide you’re going to keep running your business around the things that happen so that you CAN afford to take time off for the things that happen.

Now – I hope that’s a good enough pep talk for now. Let’s get to basis of the ‘Sticky Note Unstuck Method (TM)’ I’m about to share with you:


The Sticky Note Unstuck Method (TM)

Step 1 – Print out your calendars. Use Google Calendars, they let you print off by the month easy peasy.

Step 2 – Gather your highlighters and sticky notes.

My absolute favorite sticky notes are these ones:

They’re kind of essential to the process because those arrow notes fit great on the calendars and you can use them to color code your goals and activities.

Step 3 – Lay out the calendars.

Step 4 – Plan!

Give this whole process at least a few days. It’s amazing the things that will come to you as you drift off to sleep or while you’re driving in your car if you give this process time.

As you fill out the calendar focus the most on the next three months (by the way NOW is the perfect time to plan those last three months of this year). Those are the most ‘solid’ in your current agenda and most likely not to change. I highly recommend you create plans for the rest of the year but be well away that you’re going to need to revisit the calendar and firm up those ideas so you can take action on them.

Step 5 – Once you’ve given yourself enough time to really plan out a large portion of your year, it’s time to turn that into a weekly plan you can actually DO. So I like to move my sticky notes from my calendar right onto my weekly agenda. The agenda, by the way I bought at Dollarama and it looks like this:


I’m almost run out of this one and they’re out of those you see above at the dollar store so instead I’m going to grab myself THIS really cool looking planner:

Once you set out your week you’ll want to commit to setting up your goals and to-do list daily.

For a while I tried doing this first thing in the morning but I found that it wasn’t long enough to really be sure I was choosing the BEST tasks for my day. So my preference is last thing at night to plan my day the following day. It then can sit in my sub-conscience all night while I sleep and then when I wake up in the morning I might have a better way or something that I know will be the best task for the day.

Of course you can’t do everything on track, all the time. Here’s me writing up my daily list from the coffee shop after dropping my daughter off at daycare:


Over the years I’ve figured out some of the best tools for this job. I prefer gel pens because they write so smooth. I also think the arrow sticky notes like the ones you see in the pics above are a MUST. Then of course the grid paper and clip board. Here’s a bundle I created for you from Amazon to make it EASY to pick up the tools you need to get your Sticky Note Planning DONE:

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”sticky_notes_001″ layout=”grid” columns=”2″ custom_title=”Sticky Note Planning Bundle” custom_buy_button=”Buy bundle” custom_cta=”Buy together now for:” target=”blank” ]

Why I LOVE the Sticky Note Unstuck (TM) Method:

I tried for years and years to ‘plan’. I was told how important it was and I knew it. I was very much a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl and I knew it was to my detriment.

So one day I finally pulled out all the sticky notes I’d bought over the years and started planning. What I just love about it is that you can brainstorm and visually see your plans as they are created. I can’t work in a rigid format and writing something down before I know where it fit didn’t make any sense to me. Now with sticky notes I can easily thrown something down initially just to get it out there and then move it around as I figure out where it goes.

Now It’s Your Turn:

A weekend is on it’s way. I find that’s the best time to do this kind of planning..
Will you plan?
Will you make a commitment to get this DONE? Go grab yourself some highlighters, sticky notes and a weekly planner and make me proud!
You can do it 🙂





pssst. My Sticky Note Unstuck Planning Method training is a free bonus for all members of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. It includes a training video, checklist and guide. It’s an instant download when you become a member.

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Abigail Kuhn - July 6, 2016

I loved reading this! 🙂 I love using planners, I confess though that I use Google Calendar more than anything because it’s just easier with my business being totally online.

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