Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #9: Stop Being Afraid to Sell

Did you know there are two definitions of the word: Sell ?


When people think of selling in business, they most often thing of the second definition; “persuade someone of the merits of”. Then, they (ie. you and me) start to get really uncomfortable.

“I don’t want to sell” we say… “I don’t want to talk someone into buying my stuff.”

“I hate selling.”

“I hate pushing my products on people.”

Here’s the solution:


Stop looking at it as persuading people to buy something they don’t want to.

Let me tell you about a time when I sold to people:

When my son was very young I signed him up for a Registered Education Savings Plan. That’s a plan to save for his post-secondary education. I was so impressed with the lady who came to my house to sign me up for the plan that I asked her how to get into selling them, as well.

I signed up and learned the business. The process to get leads was to go to fairs and kid-based events and make animal balloons for kids for free. The balloon attract the kids, the kids come with parents. While I was making the balloon for a kid I’d talk to the parents and ask them if they had an RESP. Then I’d convince them to give me their name and number so I could give them more info. Then, shortly after I’d call and convince them to let me come to their home and tell them more. Once in their home I did the “hard sell” about why they needed an RESP for their kids.

And, trust me, I hated it.

THAT was selling. I was convincing people who maybe hadn’t even thought about getting an RESP to get one. I was in their home, face to face, with no computer screen they could simply turn away from or button they could click to get me to stop talking.

People can easily turn YOU off online. You are NOT hard selling when they can easily walk away.

They can click to delete your email.
They can press stop on your video.
They can push the back button on your website.
They can unfollow you on facebook.

You get the idea.

If people are reading your stuff, they’re doing so by CHOICE.

That is awesome!

That means they WANT the value you bring. And… the reasonable people will be more than happy to pay you for your value. No “selling” in the persuading way needed. They are already convinced because they are fans, followers.

They are engaged with your content and want to hear from you!

When people are following you and you offer something of value, they see value.

Yes, you need to sell that product, you need to push it out there, you need to tell people why it’s so damn awesome. BUT… you should be excited about how damn awesome it is so that should be EASY! If it’s not easy, then what you’re selling is somehow not aligning with what you’re thinking… maybe you think it’s not worth it, maybe you think you shouldn’t be charging as much, maybe you think that people can’t afford it. Those are not selling issues, those are confidence and mindset issues and you need to work on those ASAP.

Selling should be the most natural and easiest thing for you to do in your business… it should be a pleasure for both you and your client!

Look at selling like that and I’m positive you’ll never utter the words “I hate selling” again!

p.s. By the way if you need support in seeing your value of offerings or the confidence and mindset issues then join us at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club! I offer you training, weekly webinar support, an active (and motivating) facebook group and an entire library of marketing training. Details here.

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