Sunday Business Planning Tips!

Every Sunday I try my best to plan out the week.

It’s not always easy in this hectic household. Right now I have a toddler running circles around the living room (literally) and a teen in the kitchen grabbing his (late) dinner.

Before I know it, the new week will be here!

Without a plan the week can come and go, wasted.

And… I’m debating going to the 6am Bootcamp workout session tomorrow, too.

So I plan.

I plan when I don’t *really* have time to plan.
I plan when it’s not the *best* time to plan.

A client recently asked me what I do to plan my week. I always figure when one person asks, others would be interested too, so here’s my step by step:

  1. Check My Calendar & Monthly Email Subject Spreadsheet – I need to know what personal things are coming up as well as business things so I set my priorities right from the beginning. I also check a spreadsheet I’ve created at the beginning of the month planning out my daily emails. This gets moved to the Daily Email Schedule.
  2. Write My To-Do List on a Clipboard – I’m using graph paper on a clipboard. Simple but effective. I set it up with four sections: 1) To-Do List for the Week, 2) Personal To-Do List, 3) Daily Email Schedule, 4) Daily Agenda
  3. Transfer info to my weekly planner. This is a new part of the process I”m getting used to. It feels a little redundant right now but I do love my graph paper so I’m not quite ready to let it go yet. But this year I bought Leonie Dawson’s Planner that fits in my purse! So I really need to get into the habit of carrying this baby around with me for any ideas or moments of inspiration/short work bursts while on the go:
  4. Send Accountability Email to My Coach – Every night I send an accountability email to my coach. She suggested we do this and it works so well I don’t ever want to stop!

And then, after that is done I try to find time in my week to make all these things happen.  My Monday and Tuesday and pretty busy and Wednesday through Friday my daughter is in daycare and I spend as much time as I can getting my work done then.

Well I hope that gives you a peek into how I do things and helps you create your own system.

Have fun planning!



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