Thank You!

I’m feeling so grateful this weekend! After all, it is Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada.

We came back last night from the regular family dinner and it was so nice to see everyone. My immediate family isn’t in the same Province as me so we always get together with Matt’s family and his is small. It’s nice, good time to chat have a glass of wine and catch up.

BUT… that’s not my only family! I consider YOU my family too, my business family. My subscribers, customers, clients I am so Thankful for YOU!


Thank you for reading my emails.
Thank you for liking me on Facebook.
Thank you for following me on Instagram.
Thank you for joining BADASS Boss Moms.
Thank you for buying (and using) my stuff.
Thank you for hiring me to help you personally.
Thank you for believing in the Laptop Lifestyle.




p.s. Were you affected by the hurricane? I really, really hope not! I actually have quite a few friends who were and a couple of them, Tracy and Susanne, run Piggy Makes Bank where you can get high-quality content for your website, blog, emails, etc. Both Tracy & Susanne were in the path of the hurricane so they put everything on sale over the weekend for 50% off with coupon code MATTHEW. Smart on their part in case they lose power and really awesome on your (and my) part cause we get a discount. I’ve just bought their Blogging Challenge & Clean Eating packages. They have GREAT topics to choose from! They’re here: Piggy Makes Bank

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