The Formula for “Breaking Through”

A few days ago I told you about my first five figure month.

As I was talking to my son about goal setting and how I’m now going to be doubling my income goal from $10k to $20, he said something pretty profound.

I told him while working on my goals for the $20k month I actually wrote down $54k worth of offers and surprised myself with how easy it was to think of them. Here’s the video where I explain it if you missed it:

In response he said that made complete sense because when he was in Karate and the instructor was teaching them to break boards with their hands he was told to aim PAST the boards, not at the boards. He was taught to get that momentum set to much higher than the actual goal, to get to goal.

I’ve been doing my money-getting practice for years now and I always aimed a little higher than my goal but from now on I’m going to aim a lot higher. Just seeing those numbers makes you think on a whole different level. Instead of thinking of what I can do to make about $7k per month, I’ve set my money thermostat much higher at $20k per month.

I know there’s not a lot of people who talk about money out there when it comes to marketing your business. It’s a complicated issue, for sure. So many people have a lot of hangups and baggage when it comes to money while others it seems just so easy for them to make and keep money.

Like business, I truly believe that money-management has everything to do with your mindset. That’s why I’m currently reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind as suggested to me by my good friend Nicole Dean of Coach Glue.

I’ve installed the Kindle app on my cell phone and am actually quite surprised at how good that’s working! It’s handy to have personal development material with me everywhere I go and it’s really easy to read on the phone.

The point to this message is this:

Set your goals higher than you think you can achieve.
Make a money-plan to reach those goals (if you don’t know how, get my training here for free with coupon: getmoney).
Work on those goals, be obsessive about them.
Work on YOU, be obsessive about making you the BEST version of yourself.
Get around people who give you good advice like I got from Nicole.

If you want good advice from ME because you like the free stuff I give away here then I have good news! One spot has opened up in my Protege Program. This is the program where you can get an incredible amount of access to my advice. It’s my “by your side”, “I’ll be your person” mentoring program where I will be there for you whenever you reach out to me, in whatever way I can.

The Protege Program is for the person ready to make a deep commitment to making their business HAPPEN. This won’t work if you’re not willing to work or you’ve been fooled by the “get rich quick” marketers out there promising you’ll get everything you ever wanted out of your business in 10 days or less. No, you must work and you can’t pay a single person who’ll do the kind of work it takes for you. If you’re cool with that, hell if you’re EXCITED by that and the possibilies of what you can make happen in your life then we are a perfect match!

You can read more about the program and sign up here.

Also a note – this program is ALL ONLINE. That means you get access to me via Skype Messenger (text), Facebook Messenger and email. You choose whichever works best for you! I know it seems weird at first but I can assure you that getting someone via instant message to answer your questions FAST has a ton of value. I’d even say it has MORE value than having to wait a whole week for a phone call with a coach. Yet I’m not currently charging as much as most business coaches charge for this program. I WILL be quadrupling the price come the next session. That means you’ll only be able to sign up for six months at a time and pay twice as much rather than the current price for 12 months.

NOW is the time to join the Protege Program HERE if you’ve ever thought it was for you!




p.s. You NEED a website… what are you waiting for? What if I could teach you how to build a site that could make you $100 per month, or $1000 per month or $10,000 per month like I just did? Would that be worth $1000 to you? I’d think so considering $10k per month is over $100,000 per year! Even at half that $1000 is only 2% of your yearly income goal!

No more thinking you need to budget this thing, start investing in your business like it’s WORTH SOMETHING and then do the work to make that happen. It starts with a WEBSITE build RIGHT. You can learn how here in the four week program that starts Thursday! (Remember Laptop Lifestyle Business Club members get it free).

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