The ONLY PERSON Who Can Help You.

There is only one person who can help you when it really comes down to it.

ONLY one person who will give you the motivation to take action.
ONLY one person who will know your market like no one else.
ONLY one person who will make you get up early to do the work, or stay up late when you’re tired.
ONLY one person who will FIGHT to make this happen when everyone says “GIVE IT UP ALREADY!”.
ONLY one person who cares as much as you do.

That’s YOU.

I’m here for you.
I’ll fight for you.
I’ll teach you.
I’ll train you.
I’ll answer your questions.

But I promise you NONE of that will matter one teeny, tiny bit if you YOU are not ready to do this for YOU.

YOU are the key to your greatest successes.

Training is absolutely helpful.
Coaching rocks.
A supportive community can boost you and help you grow.

But it all begins and ends with you.

And I KNOW it can feel overwhelming, frustrating, like you have no clue what you’re doing and like you got this ball rolling and you’re afraid of where it’s going and how fast it’s getting there…

Here’s a thought I had:

The only time all of this doesn’t feel completely overwhelming all of the time is when you feel it’s worth it.

I have all the same jobs to do as you will and I have to do them all the time, around a toddler, with pretty extreme fatigue (I need to go to the doctor), etc, etc, etc, but I LOVE doing them because they allow me to live the lifestyle I live. I also LOVE doing them because I love making a difference in people’s lives and I LOVE hearing about it when I do.

So… I gotta wonder if you’re just thinking all that work might not be worth it, like it won’t happen for you, too, or maybe you’re worried you’ll change your mind about the direction you’re going in?

People change their minds ALL THE TIME. I’ve created and sold off more “side-sites” than I can even count. And sometimes I imagine them becoming my NEW business because I’m somehow burnt out or tired of what I’m currently doing. Then I get excited about my business again and it’s all good.

You’ll learn best by doing.
You’ll grow more by stopping letting the fear control you.
You’ll get over technology by just doing what you need to for NOW, forget the rest of that shit till you need it.

Knowing WHAT you need starts with making a decision:

– I will sell an ebook for $27 about how to be an awesome VA.
– I will sell a 21 day facebook challenge for $47 on how to get clients on LinkedIn.
– I will sell a two week coaching program for BRAND NEW VAs who want to work with local businesses.
– etc, etc, etc

It can be anything but you have to just MAKE A DECISION and FOLLOW IT THROUGH.

Follow it through EVEN IF you might not get a sale.
Follow it through EVEN IF you have no idea (now) how to make it happen.
Follow it through EVEN IF someone else is selling it.
Follow it through EVEN IF you’re website isn’t ready.
Follow it through EVEN IF you’re frustrated (but really drop that like a hot potato because it’s stinking thinking).
Follow it through EVEN IF you don’t know where to start (seriously start ANYWHERE just start).

Read this post if you haven’t yet:

I really understand the impatience, the frustration and the wanting change now. USE THAT to take action now.

It was when I was at the absolute most frustrated that I finally really kicked myself into “I will do whatever the F*&K it takes” mode. That meant getting home from work at 1am, 2am or 3am and STILL working on my business for 1, 2, or maybe even 3 hours before going to bed, getting 4-5 hours of sleep and getting up with Hayden. I did that for about nine months. I was a ZOMBIE most days. I was not a great mom most days. But I knew for damn sure that I was NOT going to stay in that factory so I did what I had to to get the results I needed to quit.

You might be there now, you might need to get a tad (or a lot) more frustrated but whatever you do don’t give up and decide it’s not worth it.

Fighting with WordPress IS WORTH IT!
Spending 10 hours on a stupid-ass thing you thought would take 10 minutes IS WORTH IT!
Picking a random product to make and promote even when you have no clue what you’re doing IS WORTH IT!
Forgetting about steps, and plans and what needs to be RIGHT and just TRUSTING you’ll figure it out as you go IS WORTH IT!

But first, you need to GO. You need to step. You need to jump. You need to create. You need to offer. You have to.

No stress. You are creating that. You are pulling it forth by saying it. (Watch the Secret again 😉

Stress is a choice… do what is the least stressful and stop thinking you need to conquer WordPress. I promise you WP is now this BEAST in your mind and you need to forget that and just make a page, just do what you need to do. Stop thinking it needs to be gorgeous. It doesn’t!

Do you care more about your website being gorgeous than you do about moving out of your place? If NO then go with OK… I promise you the people buying from you DO NOT CARE. People CARE about RESULTS and what you can do for them. Deliver that with a decent enough offer and people WILL BUY.

No more thinking about what you didn’t, or couldn’t do… only what you CAN do next ok? Don’t focus on what you can’t make work, only what you can. I am here to help and there’s nothing about WordPress we can’t make work in one form or another…. do not be attached to the FORM part and just go with it.

Start simply… but start.










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