Things you can’t buy.

For Christmas I finally got a new Fitbit Alta. I LOVED my previous FitBit and have been waiting for the holidays before I bought myself a new one. Well I didn’t have to because Matt bought me this one!

The thing is I know that just having a Fitbit isn’t going to make me lose weight. I know I’m going to have to MOVE, to get outside and walk or even clean this house (love that I can get motivated to clean when my steps are low).

One of the things I love the most about the Fitbit is the community of friends that show up. I love challenging each other and seeing how I’m doing compared to the person doing the best. I’m not a highly competitive person in the sense that I want to beat everyone but I love the push it gives me to see others doing their person best and see where I fall when I do the same thing!


But… it’s not going to happen unless I MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I know this.

I’m ready to MOVE.

But the tools, the community, the reminders to move they absolutely help!

There are lots of things you just can’t buy.

You can’t buy love.
You can’t buy respect.
You can’t buy loyalty.
You can’t buy faith.
You can’t buy motivation.

But all these things you can create, you can grow, you can be inspired by.

Since not having a Fitbit I have barely walked, sad to say. I know I need the motivation from others all working towards the same goal. I know how important that is to me for fitness and also for business.

That’s why when I got started online I joined a mastermind and training group. It helped me get inspired and motivated to build my business and grow my income and create this Laptop Lifestyle I live.

It’s also why I created my own mastermind group, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

I knew people needed something they can’t buy outright, but something that can be created, grown and inspired in a group of entrepreneurs who get together to build a community of people supporting each other, learning together and taking action on their dreams!

I am so PROUD and INSPIRED myself by this group of people who’ve come together.

So proud that I have decided to add a membership option so that anyone can join. You can now join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club for ONLY $37. This will get you the Regular membership that will include 100% original (written by me) training topics, an amazing community in Facebook groups and a weekly accountability and questions meeting. You’re going to LOVE the support, training, encouragement and more you’ll get from the group!

Get the details and join us here if you think this might be for you.

But… if you want MORE personalized help… if you think you need someone “by your side”… if you’d like me to be your “person” and answer all your questions anytime you want answer then I suggest you check out my Protege Program.

Right now until January 1st ONLY you can sign up and get my personal email coaching, instant messaging on Facebook AND you’ll get the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club VIP membership totally free. So right now you’ll get my coaching, help when you need it, an amazing community, training, weekly webinars… lots! Lots and lots of support because I want to make it impossible for you to fail if you use these things!

The bonus VIP membership goes away on January 1st and there are only five spots for new coaching clients (because I need to have time to work with everyone).

See what you think, let me know if you have questions and do act soon before this is off the table. Here’s where to go: Get Inspired Coaching & Business Support




p.s. One of the things we’ll be doing in January is talking about Giveaway Events to build your list. I’ve used these events to add thousands of people to my list! So you understand why I so highly recommend them. An easy one to start with is the Self Improvement Giveaway. I talked about this giveaway in a recent email I sent out… Read it here.

Note: This message contains affiliate links. That means if you do click on them and make a purchase I will get a commission on each sale.

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William Redinger - December 31, 2016

Well said, there are some things money can’t buy!Those are precious!

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