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img_20160908_211750“I’ve joined a bootcamp!”

I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Not “old me” anyway.

I’m out with people, many very fit, in person, sweating and working HARD and I LOVE it!

Over the years I’ve always had a hard time telling if I was introverted or extroverted. The tests that people post on Facebook confuse me. My love of being social yet complete aversion to groups of people confused me. The need to be around people, know new people and have deep connections and conversations confused me.

Now I think just recently I’ve had a total BREAKTHROUGH in my own understanding of myself.

It wasn’t that I’m so much more introverted (though I do think I am a little), it was that my self-confidence just wasn’t as high as it needed to be to thrive in these kinds of situations.

When I got started in this business I charged $5/hr! Yikes!

Yes, it’s true that was only a “trial price” and yes I still recommend that people use that tactic to get new clients in the door if they are brand new like I was.

The problem didn’t come in with my charging such a low rate, the problem came in with staying low afterwards.

I went from $5 to charging $15 and then eventually up to $25. But even at $25 I was working so hard for little money, certainly I wasn’t making the kind of money I heard about other people making and I wanting to be doing AMAZING not just OK.

My boyfriend even commented one night that I was working my ass off for less than I could be getting from welfare (after expenses and taxes) and he didn’t understand why I was doing it.

He was amazingly supportive all the time and he was just trying to protect me and my sanity so I get why he said that.

He didn’t get that even though I wasn’t confident at the time, I was determined.

Over the years my confidence grew, and so did my business.

I really WISH I’d known confidence was something you could work on and make better, just by thinking about it and putting your attention there. I’d have JUMPED at the opportunity to do that in a heartbeat if I could tell past me that was the smartest thing she could do.

You see confidence in yourself can literally define your actions and ultimately, your results.

Years ago I would never even imagine leaving the house in workout pants.

I just wouldn’t go.

There is no way I would be letting people see my non-perfect legs.

They will judge me.
They will think I’m fat.
They’ll say “what is she doing wearing that?”.

Who are they anyway and why do I care?

The other day I left the house in workout pants (ie. tight pants, not jeans that I normally wear) and went to my bootcamp then I even ran into the grocery store to grab some Almond Milk!

Pushing my comfort limits for sure!

No one turned their head.
No one stopped and stared.
No one made snide comments.

Everyone went about their business, of course!

I created that reality by being confident enough to step forward and do what I wanted to do.

Don’t believe for one second YOU can’t do the same for yourself.

Don’t believe that online, people can’t see a lack of confidence, either.

It eeps out of everything you say.
It comes out in the lack of sharing you do.
It shines through when you won’t even show your face.
It flows out when you undervalue yourself and your rates.

I’m still working on my confidence. I know nothing happens overnight.

That’s why I’m SO EXCITED to start The Confidence Challenge TODAY!
We will focus on Confidence in our weekly webinar meetings.It runs to the end of the month (with a prize for one lucky confidence builder)!

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