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Before I get into today’s message I want to give you the time-limited warning (so you don’t miss it). βŒ›

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Now on to how this very method has boosted my business in BIG ways:

There aren’t a lot of things that I can point to and say “That thing, it changed my business.”

Mostly because business is a progression, a series of tiny things that add up to moving forward and sometimes moving backwards. Hopefully the forward motion beats the backward and when it does, you get progress. πŸ˜‰

But there are a few things I CAN point to and say “change happened there”.

One is when I starting writing from my GUT, instead of my brain. I started just chatting with you to share what’s on my mind and in my heart. That was definitely a changing point I can attribute to more success.

Another, it was that time I got professional photos done and I knew EXACTLY what I wanted those photos to represent.

I knew exactly who I was talking to.
I knew exactly what my message was.
I knew exactly who I was NOT talking to.
I knew exactly what I wanted them to feel.
I knew exactly how I felt.

And it came across… so clear, like in HD, in those pics.
In these pics:


I know how cheesy it sounds. Trust me I KNOW… I don’t even bring it up nearly as often as I should because I don’t want YOU to think I am a cheeseball. But I AM a cheeseball about this topic, about this mission, about this message that the Laptop Lifestyle and total life and business freedom is within reach for YOU and anyone who wants it.

Those pics and this whole message would not make a tiny bit of impact if it wasn’t really. If I hadn’t decided I had to get super CLEAR on who I was and what I had to offer the world. YES, the WORLD… the people in it.

Those pics were the push off point to an entire new way of representing my business, of BRANDING my business.

I used those pics to pull up my image, and they did.

Since I created this new “brand” as you’d say, I have gotten REGULAR interview requests from summits, high end bloggers and marketers wanting to feature me.

Since I started really presenting my business with graphics that represented the lifestyle I’ve gotten higher-end clients, meaning the new clients just GOT what I was offering and were willing to pay for it no questions asked.

Since I started branding my business with Graphics everything I do is EASIER and QUICKER because I know exactly what I want to present in my marketing.

  • Represent your best business message.
  • Understand how to create graphics quickly & easily.
  • Speak to the people you WANT to attract.
  • Attract opportunities to grow your business.

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Talk soon,

Angela Wills

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