This is passive income…

A week or so ago I wrote about the three types of online income as I see them.

Of course everyone perks up when you mention PASSIVE INCOME.

It’s the income you get while you’re sleeping, out to dinner, spending time with a baby, while in labor having a baby (yes, this happened).

This morning I went to bootcamp, the grocery store and came home to Matt and Ella watching Pete’s Dragon so I sat and watched the ending with them.

During the time I did those things I had the following emails come in:


These are all passive sales coming in this morning!

One for $83.50, One for $48.50 and One for $13.50…

Not bad right?!

$145.50 from work I did months or YEARS ago!

I first promoted Coach Glue in 2013 and I STILL make money from the efforts I put in back then. Now the smart thing to do is to keep promoting something that works so I still do new promotions so I can multiply my efforts.

Affiliates for my program see these kind of passive sales, too. I have some affiliates who haven’t promoted in a LONG time still getting paid.

Of course I intended to get them motivated with my affiliate contest!

This kind of passive income doesn’t just happen. I had to be very purposeful about the things I chose to do with my time over the last few years, VERY purposeful as some weeks I literally worked 2-5 hours when my daughter was first born three years ago.

These days I’m working much more, maybe 15-20 hours a week or more. Come the new year I’m adding a new daycare day and it will be more. But even then I’ll continue to work on my passive AND recurring income.

Recurring Income:

So I have the $145.50 in Passive Income.

I also had $194 in Recurring Income in my PayPal before I got out of bed!

In total that’s $339.50 in income without doing a single thing TODAY to make that happen.

This is the beauty of the Laptop Lifestyle.

This is what I work for every day.

This is why I’m so passionate about what I do!

What Is Your “Vision”…

Making money is good. Awesome. Amazing. But it’s not what motivates most people. The true motivation is what can be DONE with that money.

Of course we all have dreams of what we’d do with money, or extra money:

  • Buy a new car.
  • Move into a bigger home.
  • Get great Christmas presents for everyone.
  • Going for a massage.
  • Taking a trip to Ireland.

Ok, ok, that’s my wishlist 😉

But the point is that’s a VISION. It’s a greater goal than just “make money”. You decide what you’re willing to work for and then you work for it.

That’s why Vision Boards are so motivating and THEY WORK. Because we can get truly excited about visualizing and seeing the things we want in our lives as if they are true.

I’ll be showing you just how I’m creating my own Digital Vision Board in the Vision Board Workshop Here… I invite you to register and watch it for yourself!

You’ll get access to a facebook support group, webinar training, a pdf download training AND Vision Board Template images!

Sign up here and learn to create your own Digital Vision Board. It’s Free 🙂




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