This is something I don’t doubt…

I don’t doubt my message.
I don’t doubt the value I bring.
I don’t doubt the people I’ve helped.
I don’t doubt my ability to deliver.
I don’t doubt I’m on a mission of my lifetime.
I don’t doubt ME.

I used to… but now I don’t doubt.

I spent years struggling to find my “place” and now I know that it had so much more to do with the INTERNAL than it had to do with any external factors or business models.

It’s probably only been a few months since I really started to take Mindset and Self-Development seriously.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I have “doubts” but my overall mission and message and purpose I am crystal clear on and I know why. AND (bonus)… I’m going to tell you both why and how.

If you’ve been watching me in the last little while and noticed something is different, you’re right. Something is VERY different about me and it’s internal. It’s been happening where nobody can see but it is being brought to your attention through the very different ACTIONS that internal work is resulting in.

And of course I like to share… I like to share what works, what flops, what is frustrating and what is absolutely amazing. This, my friends, has been an amazing transition and I know it’s ONLY the beginning. If you are on the cusp of personal change yourself you’ll be particularly interested in reading this because I’m sharing what I’ve been doing.

I watched The Secret. More than once. What is interesting is I had seen it before but this time I watched it from the perspective of someone open to personal growth and the difference was incredible.

The first time I saw extremely successful people who knew nothing about me and couldn’t relate to me in any way.
The second time I saw people, just like me, doing amazing things in the world and I really believed we were equals.

I watched I’m Not Your Guru. Some people really don’t like Toni Robbins but I really enjoyed this one. It just confirmed, again, how much we are all responsible for our own lives.

Both of these documentaries are on Netflix.

I read The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Here’s a little secret about me you may not know: I read VERY LITTLE. It’s not because I don’t believe in the merits of reading and expanding your mind but it’s more because I never took the time out of my obsessively working on my business to use a few hours to read a book. Well, my new coach Nicole Dean told me to read it, even before I hired her to coach me again. And this book… this book… wow! It has blown every idea I had about “the rich” out of the water.

It has opened me up to the idea and the feeling in my bones that, really, no one person is any better than me and I am no better than any one person. It also showed me all the ways I think that completely SABOTAGE my chances of EVER getting rich, because I never even believed it to be a possibility.

For one like even just saying “I want to be rich.” was a bad thing in my mind. Who wants to be rich? Really? Isn’t that greedy? Who needs that much money? I just need enough to get by and have a few extras, that’s all. Anything more than that would be completely superficial and materialistic, right? … wrong, Angela!

Being rich doesn’t have to mean anything you don’t want it to mean and it can mean everything you DO want it to mean. Money doesn’t change who you are… it just gives you more opportunities that you can’t have without it. And if anything you can be more of a selfless, giving, kind, compassionate and caring person with money because you can give more to those in need and make bigger impacts.

I hired a Coach. Well I guess you already know that if you read above but hiring Nicole as my coach has been an AMAZING decision for me. She’s keeping me accountable, I’m having big personal breakthroughs and I know she can see me through to some awesome milestones in my business. Having a coach or mentor on your side is just one powerful way to grow your business.

I joined a Bootcamp. A fitness bootcamp. Feeling the cells in my body fill with energy as I do things I never thought I could do is energizing, inspiring, motivating and brings a new life to MY life that did not exist before. Moving your body is so important and us home-based people need to really put in the effort to make that happen.

I decided to go ALL IN. You all know I’ve been rediscovering Mommyhood with my youngest child, who’s now almost THREE(!) and while I have been very, very busy with a little one in the house I have certainly been doing lots with my business. But now, I’m ALL IN. Every new course will be coming from ME, my experiences, my unique way of explaining things and giving clarity to what can be confusing. I won’t be basing any of my membership training or my coaching programs on any pre-written content or PLR… it will be all from me. I think this is HUGE re-commitment to my business in the fact that it will take more time but it will make me so very proud of what I offer and I will know it’s exactly what I want it to be for my people. I’m super excited about all this things, but this one especially.

I am so clear on where I’m going with my business, clearer than I have ever been.

I have no doubts I’m doing what I’m meant to do and am changing lives in the process.

I just love that this is my life and I get to help others do the same!

Obviously I can only help people who JOIN ME, who hear my message, believe in my mission and are willing to invest in themselves just like I have been willing to invest in me.

I have the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club open and ready for you… all you need to do is join here.

However, I know the investment isn’t a small one (and I know it’s SOOO worth the price) and I know some of you may want to check it out before committing to the required three months of $97/month payments.

So… I have a trial option that I’ve been testing out. This may or may not be around forever but it IS around right now. You can sign up and try us out for two full weeks for only $27. Included in that you get EVERYTHING you’d get as a full member (see join here link) and you also get a bonus personalized Website Action Plan ($97 value) for free.

Get your trial membership here.

My club is full of really awesome people. I love them. They are doing cool things and building strong businesses. They will answer your questions, connect with you, hold you accountable and so much more. I hope you’ll join us!

Talk soon,


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About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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