This Made Me Cry (Vulnerable Post)

So I’m watching this video training called “5 Ways to 10X Your Business in the Next 90 Days“, which is FREE, from my long, long time friends Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold of Coach Glue… and the tears start flowing.

And I’m like “whoa… what’s this about?!”

Nicole was at the point in the video where she talks about making six figures and how both her and Melissa are past the point of sitting at the computer for hours on end, not taking care of themselves because they’re working too hard. They are making good money that gives them the FREEDOM to be present in their kids lives, really present and not thing about other things, to have time for their spouses, to have time for THEMSELVES.

And for a moment I was crying.

Because I have been working hard for a long time.
Because I need to get better at self care.
Because I’m AFTER that six figure goal and I’m SO DAMN CLOSE (in mindset and in monetary results).

And because I think people should know when they make me cry (hehe!) I emailed Nicole (who is also my most awesome business coach) and told her so.

She said I should look at my growth, at how I’m rearranging things to have my PERFECT people be attracted to my business,  how I’m transforming before her very eyes.

And of course she’s right. I’ve come FAR in the past year.

Plus… let us not forget I have a toddler. She consumes a lot of my time. She’s an incredible blessing and I am so joyed I have that freedom to be with her most of the time.

So… it was a short pity-party.

I have VERY little to complain about and I know that.

I tell you this not to share any pity with me!

I tell you this because you need to know we ALL have those feelings.

We ALL feel like we can do better, and we can!

We also all need to be proud of where we are, what we’ve accomplished and what we are working towards. It’s ALL ok and it’s always a work in progress.

I’ll be going through the entire series of training that Melissa and Nicole are offering completely free of charge and it would be super-cool if you’d like to do it with me, too.

Here’s where you get signed up: >> 5 Ways to 10X Your Business in the Next 90 Days

Talk soon,



p.s. Did you catch my video on how to incorporate affiliate marketing into your business? It’s here.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you buy something I’ll earn a commission. It also means I’ve partnered with some pretty awesome people who I believe in and can sometimes get you really good deals, too! 😉

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