This makes it worth it…

We only do things that are worth it to us, right?

You won’t exercise unless you get results…
You won’t be in a relationship unless you feel loved (I hope)…
You won’t spend time cooking an elaborate meal unless it tastes great…
You won’t hire a cleaner unless your house ends up clean…

Makes sense! Of course, there needs to be a PURPOSE to your actions.

Over the last while I’ve been talking a lot about blogging, it’s the topic of the month here.

I know some of you are curious but you might be wondering… “Is it REALLY worth it, should I really be spending my time blogging when there are so many other million things to do, hotter marketing methods?” 

Or you might be wondering… “Does blogging even WORK anymore?”

Trust me I get it because I used to think the same thing!

I always wanted to blog because I was sure it could be useful but I never quite got to it. My main focus was emailing my list and posting on facebook.

But then I created a new habit. Here’s my process:

  1. I blog FIRST. Anything that could be a blog post, is. Like this message. I post it to my blog first instead of going to my email list and/or social media.
  2. My blog automatically goes to social media to publish. I’m using the plugin Social Encore Shares (that my member’s get FREE by the way) that automatically publishes my post as well on my Facebook Page, Twitter, Linked In and Google+
  3. My blog is instamagically turned into an EMAIL. That’s right! I LOVE this feature of Aweber because when I blog my post automatically turns into an email through the Blog Broadcast feature of Aweber. All I need to do is hit publish and I have a brand new email ready to go out to a few thousand people.

So… I’ve created a habit of this. I no longer worry at all if my blog posts are wasting my time and I create a bunch of content to distribute across a bunch of places reaching thousands of people at once!

There’s another thing… Blogging IS useful. I DO get clients and customers doing it. Just the other day I wrote this post, emailed it to the person I wrote it for and a few days later she hired me to build a quick website for her. I get affiliate sales from blog posts, sell my products and get new clients. Blogging Works!

Your blog post should always have a main goal, a call to action.

But what if people don’t buy? What if you’ve done all the heavy lifting by getting them TO your blog post and they’re just about to leave?

That’s why you also want to create email opt-in offers. An email opt-in on your blog gives you a second (and umpteenth) chance at contacting people to share the value you have to offer. Like I’m doing here for you! I’m sharing with you the very reasons you should be doing what I do, regularly, to build my business!

You should add opt-ins in multiple places, like:

  • In your sidebar (classic location).
  • In the first fold of your homepage.
  • At the bottom of every post.
  • On dedicated opt-in pages you link to. Like this.

I know you maybe wanted to start a list, but don’t think it’s time yet. Trust me, it’s time.

The time to build an email list is ALWAYS now.

It will make blogging worth it. Your list is your gold. The PEOPLE no your list want to hear from you. They are your biggest fans and you want to keep in touch with your biggest fans!

If you want a step by step process to getting set up with a list in Aweber and creating your opt-in I have a series of training videos that walk you through exactly what you need to do.

emailThis program, Build Your Email List, was made for brand new list builders who are feeling intimidated by the process of getting set up and setting up their first opt-in. It will walk you through it completely and make you feel confident and excited to start connecting with your incredible target market!

You will learn:

  • How to get setup in Aweber (13mins)
  • How to setup email autoresponders (13mins)
  • How to setup email broadcasts (12mins)
  • How to setup blog broadcasts (10mins)
  • How to create an opt-in form (11mins)
  • Adding a form to your website (10mins)
  • Have Aweber host your form (4mins)
  • Linking to your signup form (5mins)
  • Creating a compelling offer (16mins)
  • Where to get content for your compelling offer (12mins)
  • How to collect emails (5mins)
  • Squeeze page themes for WordPress (4mins)
  • BONUS Workshop Recording: List building with WordPress (2hrs)

You can see each step is setup with a short video you can use to TAKE ACTION and get your list setup, finally! With this training, you will have complete confidence you are doing it right and then you can move on to getting real people on that list who are dying to hear from you… that’s the good part 😉


Bottom line – Get that opt-in ready (get the training free with club members) and get blogging. It’s worth it!


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