Tired of Hours for Dollars?

That’s a pic of my desk as I get ready for a one-hour work session to write this blog post on a Saturday morning while hubby takes toddler-girly to the store. I haven’t worked since Thursday so it’s time to get a bit of something done.

This life didn’t just happen. When I was in the service business with a toddler-boy (my son about ten years ago) I was so full of stress and frustration of trying to spend time with the ones I loved and get work done. Today I’m totally relaxed as I get this content out. I know I can do it but if it’s not done on time, no biggy. I do things my way, on my time and I get to spend all the time I want with my awesome family…

I know the service business.

It can be incredible, and rewarding, and awesome.

It can also be frustrating, and draining, and hard.

You get clients who don’t respect you, your time or your abilities but yet they’re your client and you can’t just up and leave when the going gets tough.

When working only hours for dollars it’s similar to a job in these ways:

  • You still have a “boss”. While you may call the shots and you can actually get really good at setting boundaries and laying out the ground rules there is no getting around the fact that you have someone assigning you work.
  • You have deadlines. Deadlines can be awesome. They can also suck. What if a family emergency comes up or maybe you just need a me-day or a mental-health-day. What if you get sick? With client deadlines it doesn’t matter, you still need to get it done when you said you would.
  • You have a limit on your earnings. You can set your own hourly rates but there is a limit to that when clients will no longer pay. Then of course there are only so many hours in the week putting a very finite limit on your earnings.

I’m not saying services are all bad. They are not!

Matter of fact I think it’s GREAT to be in the service business but I also think you should add another revenue stream.

I recommend starting your own Group Coaching Program as that additional income stream.

That way you can remove much of the issues I just listed.

When you have additional income streams you need ONLY work with clients you absolutely love and adore, so even if they are bossing you around you totally won’t mind ;).
And deadlines, like I said they are awesome for productivity so it’s OK to have some great projects you love working on that you can be very proud of when completed.
Finally that income ceiling will be totally LIFTED when you leverage your time to double, triple, quadruple or more the current hourly rate you have decided on!

This is how I moved from services to a true Laptop Lifestyle and totally stopped working with services clients altogether back in 2012 (except for the occasional select projects I do only because I’m in LOVE with the idea of doing them)!

I leveraged what I learned in the service business and I turned it INTO a coaching business.

I targeted the exact same group of people (so no new business needed) to sell my coaching program to.

It was a success on so many levels:

  • I made a lot more money.
  • I got to pick my own work and projects.
  • I set my own deadlines.
  • I never had to work with people I didn’t want to.
  • I never get disrespected with my time or talents.

I want that for you! That’s why I’ve created Powerful Coaching Programs!

This is definitely for you if you’re in a service business but wishing you could add an income stream or move on to something less based on your time altogether. It’s for you if you’re not even sure what to sell yet but you know you want to sell something and you see the power of coaching a group of people at once. It’s for you if you WANT to offer coaching program setup to your clients as a service, or while you decide how to apply it to your own business.

This program is four weeks of step by step how to set up your coaching program. I walk you through the details of deciding what to include in your program (audios, videos, pdf, etc), creating your salespage, promoting your program and creating your product.

You’ll get training, two live info/Q&A webinars AND a private facebook group to ask any questions!

My process is the exact one I use to create powerful coaching programs FAST. I don’t spend months creating a product that might not sell… I find out what sells FIRST, then I put the time into creating it.

So… I invite you to join me. You can totally create your own coaching program, I can show you how.

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