Teaching Through Video is how I “Broke Into” this business…

Years and years ago I was struggling to build my Laptop Lifestyle business.

I knew what I didn’t want: long-term, full-time clients or any day to day commitments that intruded with my ability to have total lifestyle freedom.

That meant I was on the search for business methods that earned me a lot of money, fast.

My main attempt back in 2008 was to be an affiliate marketing blogger. I’d write up these posts and… crickets. No one bought. I keep trying. I added information products (which started to sell a little, yay!) but I was no where NEAR generating the kind of income I wanted/needed to make to achieve the things I wanted to for myself like buying my first home.

So this one day I was sharing how FRUSTRATED I was with my friend Michelle Schoen. Michelle, almost immediately, said “Why don’t you do an eLearning course on WordPress?”

Michelle recognized how well I knew WordPress and that it was something I’d helped dozens and dozens of clients with, and she knew I could do a great job of teaching others.

Well how right she was! I started teaching WordPress in 2016 and have made over six figures on that one course alone. And… I’ve gone on to build my entire business on eLearning through pre-recorded video and live video coaching programs. I have a lot of appreciation for Michelle’s advice and knowledge.

Michelle knew her advice was sound because she is an eLearning expert. She and her partner have been training people on eLearning and using Camtasia (video recording software) for many years. After receiving an MS in Instructional Design Michelle has developed E-learning and Webinars for Fortune 500  companies such as IBM, AT&T and Kimberly Clark. Michelle specializes in Camtasia Studio and PowerPoint training and consulting as well as in coaching her clients to create compelling online videos and demos. She owns ScreencastVideoServices.com, CamtasiaTrainingAtlanta.com and co-owns the LearnCamtasia.com company with Lon Naylor.

Michelle and I have partnered to bring you a TOTALLY FREE training webinar. Here are the details:

Thursday, August 18th
1:00 pm Eastern Time
“The Fastest Growing Internet Opportunity for 2016”

In this content-packed, free training you will learn:

What tools are required and which ones are optional to get started with eLearning – don’t waste your money when you may already have everything you need
The correct steps to create an eLearning course that people will love, so you’ll get happy customers and repeat buyers
How to find customers with money to buy your courses – if you create the course and no one buys, then you’ve wasted a lot of time for nothing
Case Studies of people just like you who are selling niche eLearning products for supplemental and full time revenue – this can be the part-time retirement income you’ve been looking for

Forbes magazine states that the online video training (eLearning) industry was poised to do $107 Billion in 2015. According to eLearningIndustry.com, 44% of all businesses intend to purchase online Video Training within the next few months.

What kind of video training courses?
That’s the beauty! Literally, anything you can think of. What do you know that is valuable to others? HINT: You might say “Nothing!” but…I promise you that’s probably not the case.
Here are just a FEW examples of profitable video training courses in action:

  • How to use PowerPoint
  • How to manage conflict and communicate better
  • How to be a better salesperson
  • How to meet OSHA regulations in the Dental Industry
  • How to sell Car Insurance in the Latino Market
  • How to Use your iPhone to create Real Estate Video Tours

Not only is the eLearning business exploding with growth, but it’s also simpler to run with only a few web pages actually required to start getting sales.

This training is LIVE and has limited seating due to our capacity in the webinar system, so please go ahead and register now and we’ll see you on the 18th:


I hope you take advantage of this. 🙂


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Angela Wills

About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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