Creating a Video Vision Board

This month in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club we’ll be talking about and creating Vision Boards. I’ve decided to create a dedicated facebook page just for Vision Boards and open it up for everyone.

Join us? Here’s the link, it’s FREE:

I was going through some old posts myself and came across this tutorial I created on how to make your own Video Vision Board (instructions below!). I checked out the board I made and got a little teary. I’ll be creating a new one for this challenge and sharing it in the facebook group but you can see the old one here:

How to Make Your Own Vision Video:

1. The first thing I did was write out my vision. I didn’t think too long and hard on this, I just wrote what I feel my life will look like from the point of writing in a journal.

2. The next thing was to open up my Open Office Impress program. It’s like MS Powerpoint, but it’s free! If you’ve never checked out Open Office, you can find it here:

3. Next, I just started going through my written vision and picking out the important parts, the parts that would be greatly represented by pictures. I’ve actually been collecting stock photos for many years so this part was pretty easy for me since I just went to my stash of images and pulled out the ones that fit. If you don’t have your own images right now, you can search on this site for free: Recently I also discovered a fantastic stock photo site that’s affordable and has beautiful images. It’s here: Deposit Photo.

4. I added the photos one by one to Open Office Impress and set them all up as a slideshow presentation.

5. I started the presentation and opened up my Camtasia screen recording software to record the presentation. I didn’t add any audio to the recording because I knew I’d just add that with YouTube’s editing feature where you can pick an audio to add. In hindsight I might have wanted to see if I had any royalty free audios on my computer so that I could fade in/fade out at the beginning and end. I think it turned out pretty good none the less! If you don’t have Camtasia there is a much lower-priced screen recording software called Cam Studio (I haven’t used it in many years but it may be a solution for you).

So there you go – how to make your vision board for 2016. I hope you’ll join us in the free Facebook Challenge group and if you’re ready for some serious training and coaching consider the LLBC group as well.


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