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Wow it’s been a busy week!

I had the opportunity this week to be interviewed by Barbera Aimes and she asked me some amazing questions. Then I told my members at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club meeting about it because I realized a really important thing I did throughout every single one of my businesses in the early days.

I did it naturally, without realizing it. So much so that it took Barbera’s questions to make me realize, but it’s something most people do LAST or avoid altogether. I’m suggesting you take a read and really consider how you’re prioritizing the things you do in your business.

She asked me about my early days in business when I first got started as a soapmaker selling my handmade, all-natural soaps and bath and body products online.

Now I didn’t just do stuff online, though.

I tried home parties.
I tried selling at craft & home shows.
I tried online.

But I wasn’t afraid to tell people about my product. I was so desperately wanting to work from home that I was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen!

That meant me dragging my super-shy ass into high-class boutique stores and ASKING them to put my soaps on display for sale.



Self-Conscious (NOT Confident)

I did it because if I was successful it meant that I could stay home with my then four month old son.

I didn’t do it because I thought it was fun.

I did it because I thought it would work.

And it did!.. a little bit.

I mean people said YES. Not everybody but I ended up in 10 or so stores after a few months of trying. It was sooo cool to see my products on display along with others.

Ultimately it made me super-proud of myself, gave me confidence to KEEP MAKING CONNECTIONS and showed me that people are just people are just people. If you can walk into a store and order a coffee, you can walk into a store and offer people something their customers might want.

One of the coolest things I noticed when I was speaking with Barbera was the pattern of making connections continued throughout every single business I ran. I ALWAYS sought out to talk to people, to find out how they did things, to find out what they wanted and/or needed. THAT is key to how I’ve built and grown my business.

I did NOT do it in a bubble.
I was NOT going to say no to an opportunity.

I had someone telling me she was desperate to make money. She had a product ready to go that could help local business owners. She wanted to know how to make money FAST, really FAST, like this week. I told her to WALK INTO stores and talk with owners. Find out what they’re struggling with and tell them what she sells. I was thinking even if her product wasn’t what they wanted she could find out what they did and she could maybe get some work, FAST, like she needed.

She would not do it.

Yet rent was coming due.

I get it. There’s this fear of putting yourself out there. It is very real and it can stop you if you let it.

I was TERRIFIED walking into my first few stores. But guess what… your feet still work even when you are terrified. Your arms do too! You can open up that door walk in and spew some words out. Even if they suck. You’ll do better next time. You’ll find out that people are not normally cruel and aren’t likely to laugh in your face. If you do guess who’s the jerk? (hint: NOT YOU)

But when the fear of not getting what you REALLY want overpowers the fear of doing something scary like reaching out… THAT is when you’ll take action.

So think about what you want, then go after the CONNECTIONS.

Make friends.
Find collaborators.
Find a partner.
Find affiliates.

We’re not meant to do this all alone!

And… good news! You don’t HAVE TO walk into the store because we have social media, we have emails, we have blogs, we have email LISTS (very important piece too) that allow you to make very real connections, virtually. They take more time than meeting and looking someone dead in the eyes but they still work 🙂

You’ve got to be the one to engage. You’ve got to get over those fears and go for it. You’re amazing and we (other business owners) want to know about you!




p.s. I’m good at pep talks, really good. I’m also really good at offering you advice that makes money if you’ll take it. If you’re a person with an offer, most of your business process in place and you’re looking for a supportive, motivating, experience and knowledgeable business mentor I’m your gal!

Just check out my Protege Program (it’s a little different than most so read the whole page) and see if it’s right for you. I will be closing it down when five people sign up or when December ends. Whichever comes first. 🙂

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