Laptop Lifestyle Business Idea: WordPress

I get asked a lot about how to get started creating a laptop lifestyle from people who’ve joined my list or met me on Facebook.

There’s a LOT of options out there and it sure as hell can be very confusing, I get that!

So I’m going to suggest a great place to build your skills and why, then I’ll tell you how it’s been one of the most versatile skills I’ve ever learned in that it has given me endless ways to make money online.

My Answer: WordPress

What is WordPress?
In case you’re in the beginner, beginner stages and you’re not quite sure what it is, WordPress is a software program. You don’t buy it. It’s free. You do buy hosting to install it on and you’ll also of course need a domain name to send people to. WordPress can build websites or blogs or both (no need for separating the two).

I suggest people get started by building their own WordPress website. That’s what I did!

Back in 2006 I was a Virtual Assistant and I had built my own website in HTML. It was VERY tedious to update and had REALLY limited options for things like forms and cool features you could add.

When I discovered WordPress it was like a dream!

So fast to put up a site.
So easy to change the look of that site.
So user-friendly once you learn a few key parts.

I set to work getting to know how to use WordPress to build websites.

Then, I added WordPress to my services… and business REALLY picked up!

I was doing all kinds of WordPress related tasks for my clients:

  • Adding blog posts.
  • Creating new websites.
  • Adding plugins.
  • Creating salespages.
  • And more!

After I built my confidence up for a while working IN WordPress I discovered just how many of my clients really needed to learn WordPress themselves.

Why Business Owners Learn WordPress

There are so many reasons people want to learn how to use WP:

  • To build their own websites.
  • To build websites for clients.
  • To update websites for clients.
  • To hire someone and understand what work to give them.

Why You May Want to TEACH WordPress

Once I discovered the huge demand for WordPress learning I built my business around group coaching programs to help people master this somewhat confusing (at first) and amazing software program! I created my flagship program and regularly filled my courses with about 25 people per session at a regular price of $397 each.

Teaching WordPress is very profitable!

There are also so many ways to bring your help to people with WordPress. It’s completely flexible to what works for you and your customers! Here are some ways you can Teach WordPress…

  • Offer one on one sessions with your current clients or customers.
  • Set up a completely “hands-off” ecourse, video course, pdf, etc.
  • Do live training webinars.
  • Create a Group Coaching Program that includes videos, homework and more.
  • Set up a VIP day and pump out a website WITH a client so they do and learn at the same time!
  • The ideas are really endless!

The concept is simple: Help people with WordPress… Earn Money!

If you were to tell me you don’t know where to start I would highly recommend this be a good spot.

You’ll at the very least need to have your own WordPress skills so that you can build YOUR sites, update them and make them awesome.

Now of course this needs to appeal to you!
You need to feel excited by the idea of making awesome websites!
You need to feel pretty cool about the idea of helping people build their business!

If this is you then I think you’re going to totally LOVE the resource I’ve put together. It’s kind of a “WordPress Teacher Business Kit”  … You’ll get four detailed training modules on how to Teach WordPress to others and you’ll get over 90 pages of actual content you can USE to teach people. It’s training plus product content, so all you have to do is add the teacher (YOU) and get that product out there! See TEACH WordPress here.


p.s. If you’re a member of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club don’t buy Teach WordPress! You get it free 🙂

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