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angela-sparkleFrom The Desk Of Angela Wills

Dear Future Website Owner…

No website yet? … I get it. You’re not sure where to start. You know you need to use WordPress but it’s intimidating and worrisome. You worry:

  • You’ll get started and mess it all up, costing you time and money that you just can’t afford to waste.
  • You’ll pick the wrong hosting company and it will mess you up long-term.
  • You’ll start getting things set up and then realize it’s going to cost you 20 times more than you thought it would!
  • You just simply won’t do it right and you’ll be no further ahead, or worse you’ll be behind.

ecover-compiledI get it. I know it’s intimidating and you might be thinking you’ll wait until you can afford to hire a website designer who knows how to do it right.

But you wait and you wait and all the while you could be building your business.

Let me lay this out for you, real simply.

I can teach you to get your site launched, by the weekend. Start on a Monday and have a site up by Thursday or Friday. You CAN do this!

I’m going to teach you an easy start. I’m going to get you to get your site up and live and ready to continue it’s growth. Be realistic here. Don’t expect a $10,000 quality site. You’ll be putting up a beginner site and if you realize the power it will bestow you then you’ll be nothing but ecstatic with your results!

Here’s what you’ll learn to do over the course of the four days:

  • Day 1 – Register your domain, buy your hosting and install WordPress
  • Day 2 – Add your site pages, setup your home page as a static page and change your permalinks. Then add content.
  • Day 3 – Setup your website-based email account. Add a contact form plugin. Create a custom menu.
  • Day 4 – Change your WordPress theme and add core website plugins.

This will NOT be complicated. I’m going to email you daily for four days with instructions and videos to watch and follow. You complete the tasks, reply to me personally with your questions if you have them and move forward. Then, by day four you have a WordPress Website setup with the core foundational elements and ready for you to move forward and customize into an all-out web business.[/text_block]

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Here’s some totally unsolicited feedback that blessed my inbox:[/text_block]

Hi Angela, I wanted to share how much I’m enjoying and benefiting from your videos! You have an excellent, easy-to-follow layout that neither moves too quickly nor drags along.  This class has been fabulous thus far, and I have learned so much, both big things and little shortcuts.

I think your best piece of advice was to focus on writing and not to get caught up in tweaking potential themes.  That was an excellent motivation for me and helped me to better focus on the mountain instead of tripping over the molehills. Thanks again!

Julie Varner

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]If you don’t have a website then the time is now. You need a website.

Do this for the freedom an online business can give you. Do this for the lifestyle you can create when you control your own paycheck. Do this for the rewards, friends and amazing people you’ll find as a result of a joyful business you design to be all your own.

While the course is compact, the value here is HUGE. My personal feedback and guidance is easily worth $125 per hour or more. I’ll invest as much time into my email responses as need be, and I won’t charge you an extra single penny. I’m also giving you the tools to get launched online… cutting through all the crap and the stuff you’d need to wade through to figure it out yourself and getting you straight to results. That’s potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars in your first years profit alone.

I can’t WAIT to see you get your website up. I know you can do this and I’ll be cheering you on.

Look if you’ve read this far, you’re ready.

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]COUPON CODE Important Info!
If you have a coupon code make sure you click the link above and use the coupon code there, only. If you’re prompted to login because you have a customer account don’t try to order through the customer area or you’ll get an error. You must come back to the link above and enter the coupon code there. Thanks so much and enjoy your training!


Angela Wills

p.s. Most people want to know what the additional costs associated with a website or course are. If you’re going to create your website you absolutely need a domain name and website hosting. For the steps I recommend you’ll get your domain name free but your hosting is going to cost you $71.40 for the first YEAR plus any taxes. That is the only additional cost I’m going to throw at you in these first four days and it’s a very respectable and reasonable price for hosting a website that will launch a new business and possibly change your life direction. ????[/text_block]

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