What You Believe Becomes Your Truth

It never fails to amaze me how much control we have over our lives, just through our thoughts.

I guess because there were so many years in my life where I felt lost, powerless and unable to make the changes in my life I really wanted to.

I don’t live in regret, at all, because every thing that happened in my life got me to where I am now.

But I no longer believe these things happened to me, I believe that everything in my life was a direct or indirect result of the thoughts I thought and the things I believed.

What You Believe Becomes Your Truth

If you believe the world is full of mean people, you’ll see mean people everywhere.
If you believe people with lots of money are greedy, you’ll see greed all over the place.
If you believe you can’t make a living on the internet, you’ll do everything you can to prove yourself right.
If you believe there are NO LIMITS in your life, you’ll live like the world is your oyster.

It’s not because you’re making it up. It’s because it’s ALL out there… good and bad. Success and failure. You have to pick which one you see because you’ll see whatever you believe in. That’s how our brains work!

You know this!

You’ve heard it before. We’ve ALL heard it before. And we believe it, for the most part.

But what happens is you sometimes forget to push your beliefs.
You get comfortable in how far you’ve pushed already.
You start to think that since you’ve already gotten so far, that’s as far as you can go.

And so you sit in your current situation. After all you DID break out of your older beliefs, you DID become an entrepreneur, you DID start making money on the internet when everyone else told you you couldn’t, you DID find your own clients and amazing followers who love you. You DID all that, what more could you do?

LOTS MORE. You can do lots more.

In 2013 I broke my ankle. If you’ve been with me a while you know this. If you’re new to my list welcome(!) and here’s what happened:

I was walking along the sidewalk, slipped on black ice and broke my tibia and fibula (those are both the bones in your leg). My leg was twisted at a 90 degree angle and it also tore just about everything in the leg as well muscles, nerves, broken blood vessels. Suffice to say, it was BAD.. very bad. That is fact. What I did with that fact, however, held me back.

In the years since as I recovered I was letting my mind control me in many ways. It was a struggle to go up and down stairs. It was a struggle to walk. It was a struggle to be active in ANY way at all. I got through it all, I thought I was doing good but I was really inactive. I knew it was time to push myself more.

So just this past August I joined a fitness Bootcamp. If you’ve heard of them they’re not known for babying you! They are 30 minutes of WORK.

The first thing I was told to do when I got there was run – WHAT?… (was my first reaction)… I don’t run. I broke my ankle. I don’t run.

But I ran.

I ran because it would be embarrassing not to do what they told me on the first day when I just paid them to tell me what to do lol.

I ran and suddenly my belief was broken.

My truth was no longer true.

And a few days later I jumped. Not much and for not long but I pushed my body up off the ground and let it land on that ankle I thought might split apart again or jiggy a screw loose that was holding my leg together.

I jumped anyway, and my leg stayed in tact.

Then I jumped rope.

And as I jumped a few jumps with that rope circling around me I had a few tears in my eyes.

I didn’t think I could run.
I didn’t think I could jump.
I didn’t think I could jump rope.

I was limiting my life by my beliefs and I had been proven SO WRONG.

I went home and I ran with my little Ella, because she loves to run.

And again I had proof that what we believe becomes our truth.

I also had proof we need outside forces to PUSH our truth, or we get too comfy in our own heads.

We need people who love their mission to help others, like Misty and the amazing trainers at the 10,000 Strong Bootcamp.

We need people who know what they’re doing and can show you it’s OK, you can DO IT and you can get AMAZING RESULTS.

Look… that’s me. I’m your lady for building a business and lifestyle of complete freedom. A Laptop Lifestyle.

I’m the one who’ll push you to do things you didn’t think you could do.
I’m the one who’ll cheer you on when you do them.
I’m the one who’ll gather other amazing, supportive, encouraging people to connect with (and I have).
I’m the one who’ll share my 18 years of experience with you, nothing held back.
I’m the one who’ll make sure you don’t get too comfy with those beliefs you call your truth!

So join me, join us… we’re waiting to welcome you to the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.



p.s. If you know it’s time to push your own beliefs and you are in the service-based business check out this free Charging What You’re Worth report from my friends at Coach Glue

Note: This post contains an affiliate link. That means if you click and buy I will earn a commission. It’s a great way for me to let you know about products and people I love, and you never pay more. It’s called affiliate marketing and if you’re not doing it in your business be on the lookout for more info on that soon!

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